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Welcome in my page!!!
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Here I am in Russian Wikipedia: Участник:NeD80. If you want to contact me, please write me here

For me[edit]

My contribution[edit]

Uploaded files, created by me[edit]

in temporary sequence

  1. File:CryEngine family tree.png‎
  2. File:CryEngine family tree v11.svg
  3. File:Far Cry 2 screenshot god rays 01.jpg
  4. File:Stalker Clear Sky screenshot god rays 01.jpg
  5. File:OGRE screenshot 01.png
  6. File:OGRE screenshot 02.png
  7. File:OGRE screenshot 03.png
  8. File:OGRE screenshot 04.png
  9. File:OGRE screenshot 05.png
  10. File:OGRE screenshot 06.png
  11. File:OGRE screenshot 07.png
  12. File:OGRE screenshot 08.png
  13. File:Ball-socket joint.png
  14. File:Hinge joint.png
  15. File:Slider joint.png
  16. File:CryEngine family tree v20.svg
  17. File:Irrlicht screenshot01.png
  18. File:CryEngine family tree v21.svg
  19. File:Tokamak ragdoll 1.png
  20. File:RagDoll demo OGRE Newton 1.png
  21. File:Robot arm model 1.png
  22. File:Fluids v.1 screenshot 01.png
  23. File:Two types of collisions and corresponding CSO faces.svg

Uploaded files, which were taken from another WikiMedia project[edit]

in temporary sequence

  1. File:Quake Vertex Pruning Preprocessor.PNG
  2. File:Bullet Physics Library Logo.png
  3. File:Anticrepuscular rays from above.jpg
  4. File:Artificial crepuscular rays in San Francisco.jpg
  5. File:Binary tree structure.svg
  6. File:Puncak West Java.jpg

Created categories[edit]

in temporary sequence

  1. Category:Tokamak engine
  2. Category:Bullet Physics Library
  3. Category:Open Dynamics Engine
  4. Category:Ragdoll physics
  5. Category:Phyz
  6. Category:Simulation Open Framework Architecture
  7. Category:Particle system

Created special pages[edit]

  1. Commons:Upload/screenshot/ru