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today is Monday, 17 June 2024

Number of my uploads (including those transferred from en-WP ) is 215 as of 31.10.2013.

Some of my files (about Turkey)

For the rest of my uploads

<gallery> File:Near Belemedik Adana Province.jpg|Near Belemedik
Adana Province File:Adana Station 1.jpg|Adana train station
Adana Province File:Lake Eymir Ankara Province.jpg|Lake Eymir
Ankara Province File:Near Tekirova Antalya Province.jpg |Near Tekirova
Antalya Province File:Amasra Bartın Province.jpg|Amasra
Bartın Province File:Bozcaada, Çanakkale.jpg|Citadel in Bozcaada island
Çanakkale Province File:Ağva İstanbul Province.jpg |Göksu River, Ağva
İstanbul Province File:Aziziye Mosque, Konya.JPG|Aziziye Mosque
Konya File:Mersin Yenişehir shore.JPG| Mediterranean Sea shore
Mersin File:Mersin Yenişehir promenade.JPG|Promenade
Mersin File:Mersin yenişehir Marina.jpg|Marina
Mersin File:Mersin University.JPG|Mersin University File:Refah monument from the south, Mersin.JPG|Refah Monument
Mersin File:Mersin harbor.jpg|Mersin Harbor File:Mersin Museum.jpg|Mersin Museum File:Casemate of İbrahim Pasha, Mersin Province.jpg|Casemate of İbrahim Pasha
Mersin Province File:Waterfall Berdan.jpg|Waterfall on Berdan, Tarsus
Mersin Province File:Atakent Susanoğlu Mersin Province.JPG|Atakent, Silifke
Mersin Province File:Corasion ruins in Mersin.jpg |Corasion ruins, Atakent
Mersin Province File:Tapureli ruins, Mersin.jpg|Ruins near Tapureli
Mersin Province File:Lamas aqueduct.jpg|Lamas Aqueduct
Mersin Province File:Soli ruins, Mersin.jpg|Soli, Mezitli, Mersin
Mersin Province File:Paradeniz, Mersin Province.jpg|Paradeniz, Silifke
Mersin Province File:Cape Tisan, Mersin province.jpg|Tisan, Mersin Province File:Cleopatra's gate, Tarsus, Mersin.jpg|Cleopatra's gate, Tarsus
Mersin Province File:Ulucami, Tarsus, Mersin.jpg|Grand mosque, Tarsus
Mersin Province File:Muğdat Mosque, Mersin.jpg|Muğdat Mosque, Mersin
Mersin Province File:Catholic Church of Mersin.jpg|Mersin Catholic Church
Mersin Province File:Fairy Chimneys 2, Nevşehir Province, Turkey.JPG |Fairy chimneys
Nevşehir Province File:Fairy Chinmeys 3, Nevşehir Province, Turkey.JPG |‎ Interesting conglomeration
Nevşehir Province