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Attention / Information / Questions[edit]

Stop hand.svg Stop hand orange.svg Stop hand nuvola.svg Stop hand nuvola orange.svg Stop hand nuvola yellow.svg Stop hand nuvola green.svg Stop hand nuvola black.svg STOP nuvola.svg Stop x nuvola.svg Stop hand nuvola alternate.svg Stop bad orthography.png Start hand.svg Octagon-warning.svg° Stop cross.svg Dialog-stop-hand.svg Octagon delete.svg Deletion icon.svg Process-stop.svg Dialog-error.svg Gnome-lockscreen.svg Nuvola apps error.png Information icon.svg° Info non-talk.svg Information.svg Emblem-notice.svg Emblem-question-red.svg Emblem-question.svg Emblem-question-yellow.svg Question.svg Icon apps query.svg Information icon4.svg Crystal Clear app help index.png Torchlight help.png* Torchlight help red.png Torchlight help yellow.png Torchlight help gray.png Ambox ?.svg Ambox question.svg Help-browser.svg Help-browser - ar.svg Gnome-dialog-question.svg Emblem-what.svg Ambox important.svg Nuvola apps important.svg Nuvola apps important yellow.svg Nuvola apps important green.svg Nuvola apps important blue.svg Emblem-important-red.svg Emblem-important.svg Emblem-important-yellow.svg Achtung.svg Achtung-orange.svg Achtung-yellow.svg Caution sign used on roads pn.svg Circle-style-warning.svg Warning icon.png Dialog-warning.svg Ambox warning pn.svg Ambox warning orange.svg Ambox warning yellow.svg Ambox warning blue.svg Ambox warning purple.svg

Article issues / Editing[edit]

Broom icon.svg Video Game Cleanup.svg Emblem-contradict.svg Emblem-scales.svg Tango-nosources.svg Emblem-brackets.svg Emblem-advertisement-pound.svg Emblem-advertisement-euro.svg Emblem-advertisement-dollar.svg NoFonti.svg Emblem PR.svg Wikitext.svg Acap.svg Emblem-special-characters.svg Ambox contradict.svg Ambox style icon.svg Ambox wikify.svg Ambox grammar.svg Ambox rewrite.svg Ambox rewrite gold.svg Ambox rewrite orange.svg Ambox scales.svg Scales even icon.svgUnbalanced scales.svg Balanced scales.svg No-peacock.svg Schwa IPA symbol.svg Crystal Clear app kedit.png Accessories-text-editor.svg Nuvola apps kedit.png Nuvola apps korganizer.png To validate.png Icono copyedit2.png Evolution-tasks.png Applications-office.svg Text-x-generic.svg Text document with red question mark.svg Text document with page number icon.svg Text document with shapes.svg Edit-find-replace.svg Edit-find.svg Article-protected.svg Gnome-format-text-direction-ltr.svg Gnome-format-text-direction-rtl.svg

Merge / Split / Disambig. / Transwiki[edit]

Merge-arrows.svg Split-arrows.svg Split-scissors.svgMerge-arrow.svg Mergefrom.svg Mergedisputed.svg Sub-arrows.svg Arrows-orphan.svg Merge-split-transwiki default.svg Splitsection.svg Translation arrow.svg Rename icon.svg To Commons.svg Convert to SVG and move to Commons.svg Arrows-move.svg Confusion colour.svg Disambig.svg Disambig-dark.svg‎ ‎ Disambig bordered fade.svg Disambig gray.svg Edit-copy purple.svg Edit-copy purple-wikiq.svg Edit-copy purple-wikis.svg Edit-copy purple-wikisp.svg Edit-copy purple-wikit.svg Edit-copy purple-vikisozluk.svg Blue Glass Arrow.svg° External.svg Ambox emblem arrow.svg Merge-arrow-3.svg Merge-arrows-3.svg Mergedisputed-3.svg Mergefrom-3.svg Split-arrows-3.svg

Indication icons[edit]

Check.svg Yellow check.svg Orange check.svg Olive green check.svg Light green check.svg Green check.svg° Yes check.svg B-check.svg° Blue check.svg Cornflower blue check.svg Purple check.svg Black check.svg Purple question mark.svg° Red question mark.svg° Blue question mark.svg° SemiTransBlack x.svg Red x.svg° Orange x.svg X mark.svg Black x.svg Yes check rtl.svg

Featured / Quality / Valued[edit]

Featured article star.svg Featured article candidate.svg° Former featured article candidate.svg° Cscr-star piece.png Featured article star - check.svg Featured article star - cross.svg Featured envelope.svg Cscr-featuredtopic.svg Quality images logo.svg Quality imagesX10.svg Valued image seal.svg Valued image set seal.svg

Copyright / Licensing[edit]

PD-icon.svg Copyright.svg Red copyright.svg Orange copyright.svg Green copyright.svg Blue copyright.svg SemiPD-icon.svg PDmaybe-icon.svg Copyleft.svg Red copyleft.svg Heckert GNU white.svg GreenCopyleft.svg Anti-copyright.svg PD-icon-red.svg Cc-by.svg Cc-by new.svg Cc-nc.svg Cc-nc-euro.svg Cc-nd.svg Cc-sa.svg CC-devnations.svg CC-sampling.svg Cc-pd.svg Cc-zero.svg Share.svg Remix.svg

Telif inceleme.png Copyright-problem.svg Copyright-problem paste.svg Copyright-problem paste 2.svg Questionmark copyright.svg Copyrightstatusquestion.svg Question copyright.svg Icon no license.svg Icon no permission.svg Icon no source.svg Dialog-error-copyright.svg PD-Help icon.png PD-icon-info.png Heckert GNU white-question.svg Red trademark.svg Orange trademark.svg Green trademark.svg

Checked copyright icon.svg Examine copyright icon.png Control copyright icon.svg Non-Free box art.png Free box art.png Book copyright icon.svg Fair use icon - Book.png Fair use icon - Comics.png Fair use icon - Movie poster.png Fair use movie poster.svg Fair use icon - Political poster.png Dvdiconcover.svg° Stampicon.png Stamp copyright icon.svg Copyright CD.svg

Cdalbumicon.png TV-copyright.svg° Film copyright.svg Copyright shield green.svg Copyright shield.svg


Globe-with-clock.svg Crystal Clear app kworldclock.png Gnome globe current event.svg Crystal Clear app clock.png Current event clock.svg Nuvola apps clock.png Modern clock chris kemps 01.svg Soccerball current event.svg TV Future Icon.svg TV-icon-novela-current.svg Future video game icon.svg Ballot box current.svg Nuvola apps karm.png Shortfilm2.png Future film.svg Future music icon.svg Clockimportant.svg Clock and warning.svg Timeblock.svg Stop x nuvola with clock.svg Out of date clock icon.svg Out of date clock icon 2.svg

Search / Tools[edit]

Tools.svg Tools nicu buculei 01.svg Crystal Clear action configure.png Crystal Clear action run.png Crystal Clear app kservices.png Gnome-devel.svg Preferences-system.svg Nuvola apps kcmsystem.svg System-search.svg

Padlock icons[edit]

Padlock.svg Padlock-silver.svg Padlock-silver-light.svg Padlock-silver-medium.svg Padlock-black.svg Padlock-green.svg Padlock-olive.svg Padlock-lightolive.svg Padlock-turquoise.svg Padlock-red.svg Padlock-pink.svg Padlock-orange.svg Padlock-gold.svg Padlock-purple.svg Padlock-violet.svg Padlock-blue.svg Padlock-skyblue.svg Padlock-fur.svg Padlock-tiger.svg Padlock-tiger-pink.svg Padlock-zebra.svg Padlock-zebra2.svg


Artículo bueno-blue.svg Antiguo-Artículo bueno-blue.svg Candidato-Artículo bueno-blue.svg Artículo bueno.svg Antiguo-Artículo bueno.svg Candidato-Artículo bueno.svg Desacuerdo-Artículo bueno.svg Espera-Artículo bueno.svg Time2wait.svg

Symbol kept vote.svg Symbol keep vote.svg Symbol confirmed.svg Symbol delete vote.svg Symbol unrelated.svg Symbol abstain vote.svg Symbol unlikely.svg Symbol no support vote.svg Symbol wtf vote.svg Symbol question.svg Symbol information vote.svg Symbol dot dot dot.svg Symbol neutral vote.svg Symbol oppose vote oversat.svg Symbol declined.svg Symbol oppose vote.svg BA candidate.svg Symbol unsupport vote.svg Symbol support vote.svg GA candidate.svg Symbol unsupport vote-green.svg Symbol support vote-stroked.svg Symbol support2 vote.svg GA candidate2.svg Symbol unsupport2 vote.svg Symbol partial support vote.svg Symbol divide vote.svg Symbol heart vote.svg Symbol merge vote.svg Symbol demerge vote.svg Symbol split vote.svg Symbol desplit vote.svg Symbol move vote.svg Symbol reply.svg Symbol comment vote.svg Symbol opinion vote.svg Symbol note.svg Symbol wait.svg Symbol wait alternative.svg Symbol wait vote.svg Symbol recycling vote.svg Symbol possible vote.svg Symbol redirect vote.svg Symbol deferred.svg Symbol redirect vote2.svg Symbol rename vote.svg Symbol star5.svg Symbol star.svg Symbol star2.svg Symbol star3.svg Symbol star4.svg Symbol star gold.svg FA candidate gold.svg Symbol unsupport star gold.svg Symbol star gold-stroked.svg Symbol star FA.svg Symbol star FA GA.svg Symbol start-class.svg Symbol a class.svg Symbol bplus class.svg Symbol b class (alternate).svg Symbol b class.svg Symbol c class.svg Symbol start class.svg Symbol stub class.svg Symbol list class.svg Symbol template class.svg Albanian GA.svg

Symbol split discussion.svg Symbol split onhold.svg Symbol merge discussion.svg Symbol merge onhold.svg Symbol merge review.svg GA onhold.svg Yellow star, blue check, green plus.svg AE candidate.svg Support cluster.svg GA candidate cluster.svg

Pictogram voting support.svg Pictogram voting oppose.svg Pictogram voting neutral.svg Pictogram voting delete.svg Pictogram voting keep.svg Pictogram voting keep-green.svg Pictogram resolved.svg Pictogram voting abstain.svg Pictogram voting info.svg Pictogram voting comment.svg Pictogram voting question.svg Pictogram voting question-blue.svg Pictogram reply.svg Pictogram voting move.svg Pictogram voting divide.svg Pictogram voting wait blue.svg Pictogram voting wait green.svg Pictogram voting wait.svg Pictogram voting wait orange.svg Pictogram voting wait red.svg Pictogram voting wait violet.svg


Applications-graphics.svg Image-x-generic.svg Crystal Clear app gimp.png Crystal Clear app kpaint.png Crystal Clear app kcoloredit.png Nuvola apps kcoloredit.png Nuvola apps kolourpaint.png Nuvola apps krita.png Gnome-applications-graphics.svg Exquisite-gimp2.png Converted to SVG.svg Information icon with gradient background.svg Inkscape SVG plain.svg Sodipodi.svg Nuvola apps sodipodi.png SVG in SVG.svg Gnome-fs-desktop.svg Open Clipart Library logo.svg Gnome-emblem-photos.svg Imagemanip.svg Camera-photo.svg Crystal128-camera-unmount.svg Emblem-camera.svg Nuvola camera.svg Gnome-dev-camera.svg Nuvola devices camera mount.png Crystal 128 camera.png Crystal Clear device camera.png Crystal Clear app lphoto.png Image help.png Landscape.svg Picframe.svg Art alt.svg Art alt-2.svg Panorama request.svg Panorama request1.svg Crystal 128 ksnapshot.png Nuvola apps ksnapshot.png Crystal Clear app ksnapshot.png Emblem-sound.svg Musical note nicu bucule 01.svg Crystal Clear app knotify.png Nuvola mimetypes cdbo list.png Nuvola mimetypes cdtrack.png Gtk-cdrom.svg Nuvola devices cdaudio unmount.png Nuvola apps kscd.png Crystal Clear app kguitar.png* Crystal alternative rock.png Crystal rock català.png USAGuitarIcon.png* Musical notes.svg Nuvola apps arts.png Nuvola apps juk.png Nuvola apps amarok.png Nuvola apps kmix.png Nuvola apps kcmmidi.png Nuvola apps artsmidimanager.png PhonographeSZ.png Crystal Clear app bell.png Nuvola apps bell.png Crystal Clear app kaboodle.png Crystal Project Voice-support.png Crystal Clear app kmid.png Crystal Clear app krec.png Gnome-applications-multimedia.svg Books-aj.svg aj ashton 01.svg° Books-aj.svg aj ashton 01b.svg° Books-aj.svg aj ashton 01c.svg° Books-aj.svg aj ashton 01e.svg Books-aj.svg aj ashton 01f.svg° Books-aj.svg aj ashton 01g.svg° Books-aj svg aj ashton 02.jpg Nuvola apps bookcase.png Open book nae 02.svg Question book.svg Question book-2.svg Nuvola apps kdict.png Sfbook.png Thrillerbook.png Westernbook.png Horrornovel.png Nuvola apps knewsticker.png Newspaper nicu buculei 01.svg News.svg Newspaper.svg Applications-multimedia.svg Video-x-generic.svg Crystal Clear app aktion.png* Multimedia.png Nuvola apps multimedia.png Crystal 128 aktion.png Crystal Clear app package multimedia.png Exquisite-amorok.png Exquisite-mplayer.png Nuvola apps aktion.png* Applications-multimedia.svg

World / Language / People[edit]

Gnome-globe.svg° Emblem-web.svg Gftp.svg Crystal browser.png Applications-internet.svg Geographylogo.svg Sciences de la terre.svg Global thinking.svg Tango Globe of Letters.svg Globe of letters.svg Other languages square icon.svg Other languages icon.svg Add Language.svg Preferences-desktop-locale-2.svg WP-TranslationProject TwoFlags.svg System-users.svg Puppeter template.svg People icon.svg COTWnew.png Blank user.svg User icon 1.svg User icon 2.svg Gnome-stock person.svg Gnome-system-users.svg User-info.svg


Nuvola apps kcmpartitions.png Nuvola apps kchart.png Nuvola apps kmplot.svg Nuvola apps kig.png* Nuvola apps edu miscellaneous.png Nuvola apps kmessedwords.png Linguistics stub.svg Nuvola apps edu mathematics.png* Procman.svg Nuvola apps kbrunch.png Nuvola apps edu science.png Nuvola apps kalzium.png Nuvola apps biology.png Nuvola apps kweather.png Soccer ball.svg Basketball ball.svg Nuvola apps kolf.png Yellow Gallardo.svg Chess.svg Nuvola apps atlantik.png Applications-games.svg Autoroute icone.svg Bridge drawing.svg Nuvola apps package toys.png Gnome-applications-science.svg Money Icon.png Gamepad.svg Cancelled cvg.svg Gnome-joystick.svg Computer n screen.svg Nuvola apps kpager.svg Crystal Clear app kpackage.png Nuvola apps display.png Nuvola apps kcmprocessor.png Nuvola apps kcmpci.png Gnome-dev-scanner.svg Nuvola apps ksim.png

Ktip.svg Dialog-information.svg BewareOfTrolls.svg DoNotFeedTroll.svg FeedTroll.svg Laff alert.svg No sign.svg Crystal Clear action editdelete.png Gnome-compressed.svg Gnome-mime-application-x-jar.svg Crystal Project Kblackbox.pngNuvola apps cookie.svg Nuvola cake 5.png Nuvola filesystems folder home.png* Police man Twinkle Head.svg Vista-keditbookmarks.png Gnome-help.svg Emblem-relax.svg Nuvola apps klipper.png Nuvola apps date.png Vote2 final.png Crystal filetypes in gray.png Template symbol big.svg Curly Brackets.svg Nuvola filesystems folder template.png Magic wand.svg Treffpunkt.svg Emblem-star.svg Walnut.svg Applications-development.svg Feed-icon.svg Cog-scripted-svg.svg Runner-animated-svg.svg Gnome-insert-image.svg Gnome-insert-link.svg Gnome-insert-object.svg Gnome-insert-text.svg Gnome-edit-delete.svg Under construction icon-yellow.svg Under construction icon-blue.svg ConstructionClock.PNG

Exquisite-mail.png Email go.png Vista-evolution-1.4.png Mail-closed.svg Internet-mail.svg Mail-mark-junk red.svg Mail-mark-junk.svg Gnome-applications.svg Vista-file-manager.png* Replacement filing cabinet.svg Crystal kfm.png Crystal kfm in gray.png Crystal Clear action db add.png File-manager.svg


Wiki letter w.svg Emblem-wiki.svg Ambox emblem plus.svg Emblem-WikiVote.svg Namespace Wikipedia.svg Namespace Wikipedia.2.svg Wikignome.png WikiG30.png WikiVote.png Admin mop.PNG Wikipedia bureaucrat.png Wikipedia Checkuser.png Admin Puzzle Icon.png Plume pen w.png Portal.svg Project.svg OTRS Wikimedia.svg Beta.svg WikiSense-small-gray.png Namespace MediaWiki.svg Tournesol.png Wikiquote-fraternity.svg Wikisource-gold.svg Wikinews waves Left.png Wikinews waves Right.png MedCom laurel.png Mediator.png Wikimedia Community Logo.svg Wikimedia Community Logo-Toolserver.svg Wikimedia Community Logo-Cabal.svg Wikimedia Community Logo-Commons Cabal.svg Wikimedia Community Logo-WOŚP.svg Wikimedia Community Logo-Mailservices.svg Wikimedia Community Logo-Mailservices 2.svg Bug blank.svg Wikimedia-logo.svg Commons-logo.svg Wikipedia-logo.png Wiktionary-logo-en.png Wiktionary-logo.svg Wikibooks-logo.svg Wikisource-logo.svg Wikiquote-logo.svg Wikispecies-logo.svg Wikinews-logo.svg Wikiversity-logo.svg Wikimania.svg Incubator-logo.svg Mediawiki-logo.png Wikipedia-logo-test.png