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My profile on English Wikipedia can be viewed here.


  1. OTRS release generator
  2. Image use stats
  3. Flickr2Commons
  4. FlickrFree
  5. Video2Commons Convert video files from mp4 to ogg/webm
  6. Commons Helper for moving images from local wikis to Commons
  7. CropTool, for cropping images easily for Commons
  8. DeGrandparent, a tool to remove files from a category if they are in one or more of its subcategories.
  9. Free Image Search Tool - FIST
  10. /FlickrMessage, a template message asking Flickr users for image donation
  11. /Wishlist of tools, policies
  12. Hashtag search
  13. Wikipedia library, with access to several publications
  14. Wiki Shoot Me! for places that have articles, but no images yet

To do[edit]