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Here is a small tutorial to use the File:Brushes-for-inkscape-47 nevit 04.svg

This will describe the use for Pencil tool which draws freehand paths, but you can use them with Pen tool or any other path which will not be covered here. With Pencil tool you can draw your desired curve on canvas directly. Smoothing is applied to decrease vibrations of hand and mouse on curve. You can apply any of the shapes below to your path.

Brushes-for-inkscape-47 nevit 04.svg

If you are new to Inkscape, go here Help:Vector_graphics_tutorial first.

Use any shape from the file above or draw your own shape. If you like the shape you draw, you can add your shape to the file above.

Copy your shape (to clipboard).

Copy 2011-09-05 203243.png

Use draw freehand lines tools to draw. Adjust smoothing to taste.

Be careful to set Shape from clipboard while drawing.

Shape from clipboard 2011-09-05 203630.png

And here are the results:

Result shapes 2011-09-05 205318.png

Shape on path tutorial.svg

And here is another file:

Floral 01 nevit.svg

A few tips.

  • Draw your own shape.
  • Change direction of shape before copying.
  • Adjust height of your shape before copying.
  • Use letters converted to paths as shape.

And more samples:

Sperm from path.svg

Spermatozoons 45.svg