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Welcome to my user page.

While I am no longer very active on Wikipedia/Wikimedia, I shall still come over occasionally to look around and help wherever I am able to, as typical of WikiOgres. If I am online, you should usually find me patrolling and/or editing BSicons at its project page. Of late, I have also taken interest in optimizing US state svg maps.

A list of my uploaded icons can be found here.

Main contributions so far[edit]

  • exACC: replaced all off-ACC with the appropriate exACC color (see discussion here).
  • INT overhaul: standardized all remaining INT-related icons' inner radii from (various) to (120,60), with the exception of INTACC still using (125,50), based on discussion here.
  • Started TINT series, at-grade and tunnel.
  • Massive code simplifications to elevated ABZ series, including conversions of circles to quarter-circle arcs
  • Revamped mTHSTxo (mixed stop with bridge at junction) series
  • Renamed 150+ icons bearing obsolete names (see log), consisting mostly of unwanted -ELEV suffices, u/e/x/t prefix order mixup, and obsolete ABZ names. Filed requests for 150+ such files prior to obtaining Filemover rights.
  • Relevant edits to the Chinese icon catalog pages on Wikipedia


  • Fix rail / road crossing icons   -- esp. find a proper naming scheme for icons, from discussion here
  • Fix all bad bridge formations in   (uexhINTACCe) and similar INTACC icons