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Nichalp's upload script
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Script information
Author Nichalp
Talk Talk
Main page Upload script
Language Perl
Version 1.0 + 1.3.1
Description Automates mass uploading of images with metadata
Licence GPLv3
Formats supported JPG/JPEG


Help files
Running the script Main page
Installation Installation
Spreadsheet information csv fields explained
CSV example upload.csv
Spreadsheet tips Spreadsheet tips

Some tips on using spreadsheets to format data and speed up your work.

  1. The images in the folder may be sorted by name, while the images in the spreadsheet are random. To synchronize both, do this:
    1. Click the row 2 button on the left of the window. This selects the entire row.
    2. Hold the shift key down, and then click the last row that is populated. This selects all the rows that contain data.
    3. In the menu bar, click Data, and then click Sort.
  2. Freeze panes options: You can freeze panes so that when you scroll vertically or horizontally the header row, or the first column remains static. To do this, click cell C2, then on the menu bar click Window > Freeze.
  3. Important: Format the cells "lat deg", "long deg" to text to prevent truncation of decimal places to 2.
  4. Drag content from one cell to fill in other cells below, if the data in the first cell also applies to the second. For example, if the latitude reference for all images is "N", do the following:
    1. Type N in cell R1
    2. Click cell R1. A cell handle appears.
  5. Drag the cell handle down.
    Note: When dealing with numbers, hold the CTRL key while dragging to prevent the numbers from incrementing.