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The Wikipedian NikosLikomitros in 2023.

I contribute mostly in Greek Wikipedia and in a lesser degree in other Wikipedias and Greek wikiprojects. Interested on politics, geography, history (which I study academically in Athens), sociological issues, and an amateur photographer that uploads some photos from his really vast archive on Commons from time to time. Also I am admin in Greek Wikipedia since 15 March 2023 (verify).

Introduction, positions[edit]

I also have a great and expanding photographical archive from Argos and surrounding areas in Argolis of Greece, and will be published in the public domain for public use in beginning in 7 August 2022, shot in a period spanning from 2015 to present day (2023). I upload all genres of photos from simple stuff to current events-related photos, and since 2023 I produce many original photos for use in Wikipedia regarding the current events happening in Greece.

My photos are licensed always as public domain, as I don't support that photos, music and texts must be copyrighted. Of course, I obey to the related policies of Wikimedia and that opinion covers only original photographic content added by me (for example, an informational map that I will make will not get a public domain label but the same licensing label with the basemap that I used to generate the new map). Have wrote more than 7,600 articles in Greek and around 50 in English. I am also a rollbacker in Greek since 30 July 2020 (until 15.3.2023, when my rollbacker rights were merged with that of the sysop), and generally I am an experienced Wikipedian there.

Now around 190 (as of August 29, 2023) of these files have been uploaded, however the photos that are scheduled for uploading are on the few thousands. I upload freshly produced stuff, and older photos from the archive as well. I also make maps, for example the series of linguistic maps of India.


Equipment: Mobile phone for most photos, computer for mapping and improvements of photos for uploading. I have also began to search for a professional camera to assist my work, in order to produce more quality photos than a phone (you can see the difference). One reason why I process the publication with slow pace is in order to leave space to the quality works my camera will deliver, presumably by December 2023 (hopefully).

Disclaimer: Given the existence of human faces in photos that I have shot, the target of those is just to document Argos as well as the methods and the nature of other stuff, e.g. photographic record of the Greek education system or anything else where unavoidably human faces may be visible (city square), which means that I use my vast archive for the scope of illustrating Wikipedia. This means that all the photos showing human faces, including myself, are used to illustrate Wikipedia articles solely.

I also vote in deletion proposals, QI proposals and generally I try to have some presence in Commons as well apart from uploading my work. While I am collaborating to bring Project Korikath in Greek, as Photognosia.

You can see my work here, and here.

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