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I was an administrator on Commons and the English Wikipedia, and am currently highly active on Commons. I'm also a member of the OTRS team.

My major project at present is exploiting the Ordnance Survey OpenData release: See Category:Maps by Nilfanion for maps uploaded to date. I'm also heavily involved in UK categorisation (especially for Devon).

Personal projects




My major area of interest is Devon, in particular Dartmoor and Plymouth. As a result of the bulk Geograph upload there are tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of images of Devon.

My initial objective is to ensure every file of Devon has at least the following categories:

  1. Location categorisation to Civil Parish level. In Plymouth, down to district level; this ensures category intersection can be used effectively.
  2. Basic, relevant subject categorisation. For example, I'll put files into Category:Churches in Devon and leave more precise categorisation to a future pass or for others to tackle.

I will also add relevant subject in area categories for both Dartmoor and Plymouth. Plymouth will also have a full street-level category structure.

In the longer term, I plan to cross the Tamar and give Cornwall the same level of detail. I will also give the major settlements in Devon a similar level of detail to that of Plymouth. I will also categorise things more precisely - creating categories for things like individual buildings, topographic features and SSSIs.

Localisation is my primary objective, simply because the categorisation bots are hopelessly unreliable in this area, but are tolerable at adding basic subject info .

My specific activity at present is to completely eliminate uncategorised Geograph pics of Devon.✓ Done this bit, but thousands still need full checks though...



I'm working with data from the OS OpenData release to create a comprehensive series of maps for Great Britain (unfortunately not Northern Ireland). See User:Nilfanion/Maps for my progress.

Tropical cyclones


A lot of my initial work was related to tropical cyclones. I am unlikely to upload more images in this area again, primarily as the track-map generation has been spread out amongst a number of users. However, I will provide any support requested related to that subject on Commons - such as bot tasks and can probably advise on the use of the track map package for slightly more complex tasks (cumulative tracks).

My photos


A number of my uploads have received recognition - to date I have uploaded 2 featured pictures, 55 quality images and 3 valued images. I have uploaded in excess of 5000 files, of which are 238 photographs I have taken myself and over 3000 are tropical cyclone track maps.

A selection of my uploads:

Snow covered Dartmoor
South Milton Ley
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