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I'm planning to attempt to reconstruct the historical administrative boundaries of England, from modern data. Ideally I'd like to carry this out for the whole UK. The parishes have been relatively static through the centuries, so are reasonable building blocks.

As an initial step I want to get back to the districts that were abolished in 1974; and be able to show any changes in the post-1974 districts and parishes. In the longer run, I'd like to push further back to 1889 or even earlier.

In order to do this I need:

  • To identify what changes have been made to the post-1974 districts, and when.
  • To identify what changes have been made to the civil parishes (splits/mergers/major boundary realignment etc) from that date to the present, and when they took place.

I've uploaded a couple demonstration maps using Devon. The specific problems I have identified are listed on the file pages (and backed up with annotations). One thing is that the ancient hundreds can still be seen in the modern administrative landscape - compare the hundreds map to this 1832 map.

Post-1974 changes[edit]

Please list any known changes below.