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Official Photo du Jour

I am Nina Paley, animator, cartoonist, and free culture activist. Please help me add my newly-relicensed cc-sa comic strips (originally published over the past 2 decades) to the Commons, so they can be included in Wikisource (see my blog post about this).

NB: My original PNGs are sometimes too large for thumbnailing to work, but Commons style requests that the highest-available resolution image be uploaded. What should be done about these? Should both original and lossy versions be uploaded, with the latter used for inclusion in galleries or related articles?

Official Bio du Jour (said Jour being July 22, 2009):[edit]

I created the animated musical feature Sita Sings the Blues, which has screened in 150 film festivals and won over 30 awards including the Annecy Grand Crystal, The IFFLA Grand Jury Prize, and a Gotham Award. My adventures in our broken copyright system led me to copyleft my film (under CC-SA), and to join as Artist-in-Residence. I have also been a syndicated cartoonist, and am re-releasing all my old comics (also under a CC-SA license). I teach part-time at Parsons School of Design and am a 2006 Guggenheim Fellow.

For more information, see my site, Sita's site, or Question Copyright!