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Hello, welcome to my site

I'm a user from Germany, you can also visit me there at NobbiP. If you want to leave me a message please use my talk page at NobbiP tell something

Thanks for visit my site

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Dasylirion wheeleri97.jpg
Dasylirion wheeleri, Arizona, summer 2007
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In this galleries you can find my uploaded pictures



computer generated images[edit]


buildings, parks, landscapes, water, ships and more[edit]


Untergruppenbach und Burg Stettenfels[edit]


Animals and Plants from Arizona and Germany[edit]

some of my photos of plants and animals

Want to see more of my pictures of animals and plants from Arizona and Germany? animal and plant gallery

Alanya, Turkey[edit]

alte deutsche Postkarten[edit]


some of my scans of german stamps
Series Posthorn
1951, Mi.-Nr. 123-138

Want to see more of this? Visit my stamp gallery or stamp gallery for Deutsches Reich (1872-1945) or stamp gallery for West-Berlin (1948-1990) or stamp gallery for Bundesrepublik Deutschland (1949-2008)

money, coins and bills[edit]

some of my photos and scans of coins and bills

Want to see much more money? take a look: my money gallery

fireworks and other events in Stuttgart[edit]

All pics of the Fireworks here are from Lichterfest Stuttgart, Höhenpark Killesberg, summer 2007 and 2008

electronic equipement for development and electronic parts[edit]

some of my photos of electronic parts and tools

Want to see some electronic tools and some parts ? Here I 've some for you: my electronic tools and parts gallery

stills and something else[edit]

eigene Links, Gedächtnisstützen, Anmerkungen etc[edit]