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Born Roberto, I use Nosferatu as my nickname since I was a child, with some variations as Nosferatu it or Nosferatu net being the first choice already taken. As of now, on Commons I published this.

Senryū of the day[edit]

Rather qualified.
Low salary. Got the job!
(translated from


I work in the renewable energy field. In my many past lives I dealt with computer programming, internet and web-related crap, multimedia, flowers, cadavers (no, no relation with my nickname). I listen to many music genres, but unfortunately I cannot play any instrument. I sometimes read a little bit of poetry and I have fun writing some senryūs like the one above (mainly using Italian language).

The reason behind a nickname[edit]

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Many people ask me wether I'm fond of Vampire: the Masquerade, but simply enough I'm just resemblant to the Murnau's Count Orlok: I'm online mainly during the nighttime and I'm tall and thin. (I don't feature bushes in my ears, though...)

Where to find me[edit]

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