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OK Regarding former French currency (francs), case law states that copyright exists, but is paralysed by the ‘allocation to the general interest et character of public service’ of currency. See for instance Cour de Cassation 5 February 2002.




OK Russian currency is not copyrighted. Monetary items, together with other state symbols, are explicitly excluded from copyright by article 1259(6) of Part IV of the Civil Code of Russia (which covers intellectual property rights). Drafts for such items, however, are copyrighted by their authors. When a public body adopts such a draft and turns it into an official symbol, the resulting official symbol is not copyrighted and may be reproduced without mentioning the original author(s) of the draft. (See article 1264.)

Monetary items were already excluded from copyright in the 1993 legislation, which was in effect until the end of 2007. (See article 8 of the 1993 law, as amended in 2004).