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Notice F2ComButton currently is not working
F2ComButton on Flickr

F2ComButton is a userscript which adds two buttons to Flickr when viewing an image that is eligible for the Commons.

  • The Upload to Commons button will open the Commons upload form with most of the needed information filled in and will also present the Download Original button so that you can quickly grab the highest quality version.
  • The Flickr2Commons button will open up Magnus's Flickr2Commons tool with your TUSC username, password, and the image url already filled in. Just enter a filename and hit upload.


To install F2ComButton, you first install Scriptish (or Greasemonkey) and then click here (Note: Offsite link. I, Odie5533, own the account hosting the file, and you can easily view the source of the file, but if you require manual installation follow the directions below).

If you aren't seeing an install button pop up after clicking the link:

  1. Right-click this link and click "Save Link As...": click here
  2. Save the file somewhere and remember the location
  3. You must change the filename and extension to f2com_button.user.js. The File extensions is currently .php, but it must be changed to a .user.js for installation to work.
  4. Drag the file onto FireFox. Examine this image to see how to perform the drag operation, and to see what the file looks like with the correct extension.

After it's installed, go here and try it out.

Configuring TUSC[edit]

If you want to use F2ComButton with Magnus's tool, you must configure your TUSC username and password in the script. First the script needs to be opened for editing:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the drop-down button next to the Scriptish icon in your toolbar. If you don't see the Scriptish button anywhere, try opening the Add-on Bar by pressing [CTRL] + [/]. See File:F2ComButton TUSC password.png for a picture of what the button should look like.
  3. Right-click on F2ComButton. If you accidentally left-click on it you will disable F2ComButton. Simply left click it again so it has a check mark next to it, then right-click it so that you can edit the TUSC configuration.
  4. The script should open either in a FireFox editor or an editor of your choice. Scroll down in the script a little bit and you will come to a place to set your TUSC information. Enter your TUSC configuration, save the file, and close it. The script should now work with your TUSC information.
    tusc_username: 'Odie5533', // CHANGE THIS - your username is not Odie5533...
    tusc_password: '',

This script goes great with my FlickrWide Stylish style. To install the style, install Stylish and then click the [S] in the status bar. Then under Write new style choose Blank style. Copy and paste the the style from User:Odie5533/FlickrWide.css and give it a name. Now when viewing thumbnail galleries on Flickr, like this one, you'll be able to quickly flip through entire sets without having to scroll.

The source of the script can be found at User:Odie5533/F2ComButton/f2com_button.user.js