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  • To add a category, edit this page and type as follows: * [[categoryname1]], [[categoryname2]], ... [[categorynamen]] | [[outputpage]] | PIXEL_WIDTHxPIXEL_HEIGHT OPTION1, OPTION2, OPTION3 | [[subcategoryomitted1]] | [[subcategoryomitted2]] | ... [[subcategoryomittedn]]
  • To add a maximum depth for a category, place it in parentheses afterwards like this * [[categoryname1]](depth=1), [[categoryname2]](depth=5), ...
  • The pixel width and pixel height are now optional. If you want to specify a width and/or height, the bot will understand 100x100 (width=100px, height=100px), 100x (width=100px, height=undefined), x100 (width=undefined, height=100px), or just omitting the field altogether (width=undefined, height=undefined). See m:Help:Images and other uploaded files#Gallery for details on how it will appear with or without the widths and heights parameter.
  • Currently, the bot supports six options.
    • NO_SUBPAGE, which will instruct the bot not to create subpages. You should choose this option if you believe there will be no more than a few uploads in your category per month; otherwise, your gallery will become too big.
    • DAYS_PER_GALLERY(n), where n is the maximum number of days in a single gallery page. The bot always runs on a per-month basis, so any number greater than 31 is treated like 31 (i.e., one category month). The default is 11, which means that there will always be three galleries per month. This option will be ignored if the NO_SUBPAGE option is used.
      • If you want 1 gallery per month, choose DAYS_PER_GALLERY(31).
      • If you want 2 galleries per month, choose DAYS_PER_GALLERY(16).
      • If you want 3 galleries per month, choose DAYS_PER_GALLERY(11).
      • If you want 4 galleries per month, choose DAYS_PER_GALLERY(8).
    • WARNING, which will affix the template User:OgreBot/gallery/notice to the top of the gallery. This is primarily for categories which might inadvertently cause offense or libel.
    • NO_INDEX which will affix the code __NOINDEX__ to the top of the gallery. See mw:Noindex.
    • MODE(text) - see mw:Help:Images#Mode parameter. If omitted, the bot will not add the mode parameter to the gallery.
    • SHOW_FILENAME - see mw:Help:Images#Gallery_syntax.
Monitoring Galleries
  • Often a file will be oddly included on your gallery. If you'd like to know why, the information is visible at toollabs:magog/category-files-blame.php for a total of 30 days after the gallery is created. I recommend you then ask to exclude the highest category which you do not want in your gallery.
Gallery list