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About me[edit]

Age: Yes (Late 30's, if you must know)

Home: Yes (Just outside Stockholm, if you insist)

Interests: Yes (Cars, travelling by car and photography, if you really care)

Camera: Yes (A couple of Canon EOS, if you by any chance would like to know)

Homepage: Yes (, all pictures at my homepage are still under copyright!)

Realatives: Yes (No, the countrysinger K.T. Olsin is not a relative of mine)

About my pictures[edit]

When I'm out with my camera people look at me and shake their heads. Why? Have you seen anyone taking 20 pictures or more of the steps of an escalator while going up in it? Have you seen anyone trying to get the sun behind the motive instead of behind himself? But these pictures aren't the one that I publish on Commons. I publish them on my walls instead.

The pictures that I publish on Commons are buildings, sites and landscapes mostly swedish ones and preferebly Stockholm. Since I like to travel by car I manage to catch a few pictures of the rest of Sweden and other parts of Europe. Unfortunately my digitalcameras are rather new so most of my older pictures aren't digital and will not be.

My pictureplans for Commons[edit]

Northern Sweden[edit]

Going there this summer.

  • Brown bear
  • Moose


  • Stockholm from Kaknästornet

Southern Sweden[edit]

  • Öresundsbron (Bridge to Denmark)
  • Turning Torso (Twisted building in Malmö)

My pictures at Commons[edit]

Some of my pictures at Commons: