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This page is about my Wikimedia contributions proper. For something resembling a public profile, see Alhadis at English Wikipedia.
This user converts raster images to SVG format.
This user would like to be able to speak more languages.

Most of my activity on Commons involves hand-tuned vectorisations of bitmap files, particularly chemical diagrams, flowcharts, and other low-hanging fruit. This page exists to clear up a few things that aren't self-evident from perusing my contributions page, mainly to have it on record.

Vectorisation accuracy


When recreating bitmaps as SVGs, I endeavour to preserve as many of the original details as possible—including dubious and amateurish design choices. This includes:

  • Uneven or excessive margins, which affect thumbnail aspect ratio and placement of annotations)
  • Inconsistent text-sizes and line-thickness
  • Poorly-contrasting or garish colours

This does not extend to:

This enables me to replace thumbnails referencing the old bitmap version without fear of reprisals or reverts from disgruntled users who perceive the SVG version as subjectively inferior. Re-attempting a reverted edit can risk an edit war, but not if the SVG is visually congruent enough that it qualifies as an objective edit.



I only speak English, and any localisations I add to Template:Infoboxes should be assumed to have been copied from other Wikimedia projects. Texts are always run through Google Translate to assert that what I'm copying makes sense when read in isolation of whatever article I plucked it from. However, I've no means to assert the literary quality of a translation: Google Translate can help pick up typos, but not sloppy word-choices and informal language not befitting an encyclopaedia.

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