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You'll mostly find me at en:User:Opencooper. On commons I usually like cleaning dust/scratches or tracking down better versions of images. I prefer working on black and white images because it's simpler and I am not that experienced with editing tools. I usually upload through the plainer Special:Upload form. My own work: Category:Photographs by Opencooper. A userscript I wrote: imageRatio.js.

I release all my modifications to images as well as personal text contributions on Commons into the public domain.

|date={{unknown|date}} or {{other date|between|1910|1915}}


Unsourced images[edit]

The following images are all uploaded from Shorpy and restored by them from Library of Congress sources. I've populated the category and found the original sources for all of them expect these:

If someone can find the original images these were restored from, please add them using {{LOC-Image}}.


  • Headings (click "Draw single leg route")

Files usage[edit]

Places I've found where my images have been used. If you end up using any or came across any, please let me know!