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Date Taken on Saturday
Photographer Optimist on the run
Source Own work
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  • Whilst not compulsory, as a courtesy I would ask users to please:
    • Inform me before using this image for commercial purposes (permission is not required),
    • Upload any derivative images with a new file name rather than overwriting this image, and
    • Discuss any proposed renaming with me before tagging this image.
  • If you use this image in a non-English project, please let me know so that I can add the description in the appropriate language. If there is a mistake in a translation I've already added please let me know, or feel free to correct it yourself.
Contact I can be contacted:
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© Simon Robinson, 2018 / CC-BY-SA-3.0 & GFDL-1.2.
© Simon Robinson, 2018 / 
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This documentation is transcluded from User:Optimist on the run/Information/doc.

This is a user template for providing information about my photographs in accordance with the Commons guidelines for user templates. It produces relevant parameters for the {{information}} template, as well as additional fields such as camera model. As this template does not directly contain the licensing tags, it does not need to be substituted.

This template automatically categorises images into relevant date related categories, e.g. Category:14 April, as well as my user category. It also enables me to keep an external database of my images, which in turn is used to create my personal gallery, etc.

Changes can be trialled in the sandbox.

Please do not make any changes to this without discussing it with me first. Thank-you.   An optimist on the run!

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{{User:Optimist on the run/Information
}}<!-- NB: This template automatically adds date/location
           categories. Please do not add them manually.-->
{{Location dec|longitude|latitude|heading:xxx}}
{{GFDL 1.2}}