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Greg Steenbeeke has been surrounded by ‘the bush’ all his life. When young his time was spent between the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, NSW, Australia, and in the eastern suburbs of Sydney while his father worked at the University of NSW in high-energy physics. In Sydney he developed a love of the rocky shore, and would spend many hours snorkelling and fishing, while in the Blue Mountains his first playground was the national park that was at the end of the street. His expertise in plant identification started young, derived from a wanting to know what surrounded him in the mega-diverse Sydney region flora. Through this he developed (and when time allows, maintains) a keen interest in orchids, plants in the family Proteaceae and other families with strong Gondwanan links, and of course, photography.

Greg studied various biology and geology themes in undergraduate studies at the University of Sydney, culminating in an Honours B.Sc. degree where his project was the vegetation mapping of the remote, declared wilderness of the Kowmung Valley in the Southern [Blue Mountains]. He followed this with a post-graduate diploma in secondary science education. Later studies included work on the rare Hakea dohertyi, and a Masters in Environmental Management from the University of New England, Armidale.

Greg’s early career was in environmental education, working at Sydney Aquarium and also teaching high school science for almost 4 years, before being employed in 1994 as a botanist and environmental manager within NSW government departments – a career he is still undertaking. Greg has worked in environments as diverse as the Blue Mountains, the Macquarie Marshes, the North Coast and the Northern Tablelands and Western Slopes of NSW. Primarily working in vegetation mapping and environmental assessment, Greg has also found time to help his wife with raising their three kids, while living in towns throughout the northern half of NSW. In addition, Greg occasionally produces software titles on botanical themes under the self-publishing brand, Orkology.

Other significant web presences include the Panoramio pages, where many of Greg’s photos are shown in geographic context. The best links for these are Panoramio EcologistGreg (for general photos) and Orkology by Greg S (for plant photos).

Greg is Senior Project Officer - DECC CMA Liaison for Border Rivers - Gwydir CMA in Inverell, NSW, Australia. His work as a professional ecologist and vegetation scientist takes him to some interesting parts of Australia's east coast.