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I'm from fr.Wikipedia - Please note: I release all my works you may find under {{PD-self}} - Mes images

Français : Utilisatrice depuis le début de wikipedia (j'ai changé deux fois de pseudo) et contente de participer sur ce projet et wikipedia...
J'ai commencé à faire des drapeaux sous Sodipodi puis sous Inkscape. Ce sont surtout des drapeaux de provinces de France archivés chez OpenClipart et souvent uploadés ici : Category:Flags of France
English: User since the very beginning (I've changed twice my pseudo) and very happy to contribute on this project and wikipedia...
I've started to draw flags under Sodipodi then under Inkscape. My flags of France archived at OpenClipart are uploaded here.

Templates pour les votes[edit]

Symbol support vote.svg Support {{Support}} Symbol oppose vote.svg Oppose {{Oppose}} Symbol neutral vote.svg Neutral {{Neutral}} Category:Smilies
Symbol keep vote.svg Keep {{Keep}} Symbol delete vote.svg Delete {{Remove}} Pictogram voting comment.svg Comment {{Comment}}
Pictogram-voting-question.svg Question {{Question}} Pictogram voting info.svg Info {{Info}} Symbol unsupport vote.svg I withdraw my support {{Unsupport}}

Templates divers[edit]

{{Sxc-warning}} {{Seecat|ABC}} Commons:Tools/Check-Usage Catégorie tree
{{del|reason}} {{speedydelete|reason}} Commons:Deletion requests/Superseded Photos de JPGO
{{superseded}} {{supersededSVG}} Commons:Untagged images
{{unknown}} {{Bad name|filename}} Commons:Templates
{{GFDL-user}} {{PD-user|username}} Category:Helper_templates
{{Please link images}} {{Please tag images}} Category:Image cleanup templates
{{Created with Inkscape}} {{Convert to SVG}} Commons:Taxobox for animals, plants
{{Artist:Nicolas Poussin}} {{GallicaPic|IFN-..}} {{Wikipedia|lang=en|article=ABC|text=XYZ}}

{{PD-author|[ author]}} || {{flickrreview|Patricia.fidi|Date}}

Template pour la description d'image[edit]

|Title= Title of the painting
|Artist= Author of the painting
|Year= Year of production
|Technique= Painting technique used
|Dimensions= Dimensions of the painting
|Gallery= Art Gallery of (current) location
|Location= City of (current) location
|Permission= see below
|Artist's name=
|Alternative names=
|Date of birth=
|Location of birth=
|Date of death=
|Location of death=
|Work period=
|Work location=
|Description={{en|text}} {{fr|texte}}
|Source=own work
|Permission=see below
|photographer_location= -
|Permission=see below
{{en|German Stamp from 2006 by the Deutsche Post AG}}
|Source=Deutsche Post AG
|First Day of Issue=
|Permission=see below
<br />
* {{en|text}}
* {{fr|texte}}
Thanks for licensing this image as CC-BY-SA! Your choice of a free license has allowed us to use your image 
in <a href="">Wikimedia Commons</a>. 
The image is now used to illustrate <a href="">
one or more pages</a> on <a href="">Wikipedia</a> or other free knowledge projects.
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Variegated golden frog (Mantella baroni) Ranomafana.jpg
Une grenouille Mantella baroni photographiée dans le parc national de Ranomafana à Madagascar.
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