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Name: Allan Patrick. Where: Caruaru. Born in: Natal. When: 1976. Username: patrick-br or patrick (ca, gl, pt).

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Places where I traveled just to pick up photos and place then here at commons :-).

Some of my best photos (IMHO)[edit]

License issues[edit]

From: User:AndreasPraefcke

Creative Commons License
Creative Commons Attribution iconCreative Commons Share Alike icon
If you want to use any of my photos found in Commons, you do not have to use the GFDL license (which would imply quoting the whole license even when used in printed works - what a nightmare of red tape!). I hereby license all my photos in commons also as "CC-by-sa-2.0" or ""cc-by-sa-2.5", so you only have to note "Photo: Allan Patrick" or something similar whenever you want to use a picture.

Please note that this is only applies to photos that I made myself, noted by "Photographed by Allan Patrick" or a similar statement on the description page. I also uploaded many pictures by other people from various wikipedia projects; for those this additional CC license does not apply. Please contact the original uploaders if you want to use these images and are unsure about the license issues.