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23 June 2010
25 May 2010
  • Category:Canals in England is full to bursting, yet plenty subcats available -- many pics copied from Geograph without specific canal cat added. Hours of endless fun!
09 Sept 2009
27 Jan 2009
03 Nov 2008
  • Create and populate cat for 'early steam vehicles' (look in the usual places plus Steam Buses)
  • Search through Category:Steam road vehicles for traction engines and the like, and categorise accordingly
  • Ditto for Category:Steam engines
  • Ditto for Steam Engines in Category:Machines
  • Ditto for Category:Models, which is over-flowing -- need to create new sub-cats as has been done for Steam Wagons
  • Start uploading the 100's of pics you've got in your drawer...

18 May 2007 - New cats created: Category:Steam locomobiles and Category:Steam trucks. Both should be redirected ('Steam Trucks' is a little-used phrase - steam lorry and steam wagon is far more widespread - see WP Truck article talk page!)

Also created: Foden vehicles, sentinel vehicles, etc Update list below to suit.

  • (28 Aug 2007) - noticed some pics in Category:Cranes of a model traction engine with crane fitted...

See User:TwoWings (sub-pages)

Categories created[edit]

In order of creation...


To save time, parent cats not listed from now on...




Recreated cat-redirects (Mar 2009)[edit]

Note that Category:Steam road vehicles has been renamed Category:Steam-powered road vehicles. The above text has not been amended to suit.

These two were originally pointing to 'vehicles':

Added the following 'explanation' on the talk page for these redirects... The term "steam wagon" is widely used in the English-speaking world to identify goods vehicles powered by a steam engine. However, this simplification may not be apparent to users whose native tongue is not English, hence the category redirect.

Suggested categories[edit]

Also see proposed hierarchy, below.

Suggested category hierarchy[edit]

Images uploaded[edit]


OWN images uploaded[edit]

See: Category:PeterJewell Gallery


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  • Where the category hierarchy is disjointed/duplicated, try adding the following (eg):
    {{see also|Category:Trains in snow}} to produce:
  • {{Category redirect|other cat name}}

UK Copyright Law (statues, etc)[edit]

Pictures of statues and other 3D "works of artistic craftsmanship", in a public place (or a place 'open to the public', even if an entry fee is required) MAY be uploaded to Commons. Artistic craftsmanship implies that the creator was both artist and craftsman, and the intention was to create a work of art; this intention should be 'obvious'. Other acceptable items include such as: hand-painted tiles, wrought iron gates, cutlery, needlework, etc.

Uploading pictures of signs, paintings, maps, advertising posters, murals and similar 2D media -- even if displayed in a public place -- is NOT permitted unless suitable permission is obtained from the copyright holder.

The explanation, and the differences, may be found here: Commons:Freedom of panorama#United Kingdom.

It may be worth adding a note -- to a relevant category or image file -- that links to the same explanation, as is done for Category:Bekonscot.

Images to upload[edit]

...or, at least, consider it!

From Geograph....