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I have been contributing to Wikipedia since 2003. I am still committed to the original ideals of the project: bringing the sum of human knowledge to every person on the planet. What a noble and lofty ambition. Unfortunately, much has gone bad with the governance of the project.

I was indefinitely blocked in August 2009 for posting details of a sock account on my talk page. The details contained no personal attack, and no private information. The block was orchestrated on IRC, and closed within 6 hours.

Current unblock appeal[edit]

I appealed the current block in February 2011, and it was agreed, except for certain conditions I had asked for. I appealed again in October 2011, dropping the previous conditions. The appeal was overturned without explanation.

June 2010 appeal[edit]

The link is here

Other accounts[edit]

Articles written since 2003[edit]

Mathematics, logic and set theory[edit]

Philosophy and Logic[edit]




Gospel music[edit]


Articles written since banned in August 2009[edit]

Here are the articles I wrote which were deleted because created by a banned user. Many have been restored, some have not.