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This is a test gallery to demonstrate how a simple template can be used to track the contents of categories, and keep corresponding galleries up to date, if desired.

How it works:

Say I am interested in the topic "Pictures by pfctdayelise". I plan to update a gallery on this topic -- this page -- but other users just dump images in Category:pictures by pfctdayelise. They don't like it when I remove the category tags -- even if I'm adding them to a gallery! So how can we solve this problem?

  1. Write a category scheme for the topic in the Commons namespace (I skip this step because it's an example).
  2. Create a template called something like {{Topic}} - I will call mine {{Pfctdayelise}}. It looks like this:

This file falls under the jurisdiction of WikiProject pfctdayelise. (You can help!)

  1. First, I add this tag to all the relevant images that are already in galleries. (A bot could be employed to do this step.)
  2. Then, whenever I want to see what the latest additions to the category are, I do this:
    1. Go to CatScan
    2. in "search in category" I put pictures by pfctdayelise (from Category:Pictures by pfctdayelise)
    3. change the choice to "for pages by template", and I put pfctdayelise (from Template:pfctdayelise) and TICK "inverse (untagged only)"
    4. Click "Scan"!
  3. CatScan should give you a list of images in the category, that don't have the tag (and therefore aren't in a category yet).

My test gallery (so only these four images are tagged):

Then in future, to see what new images have been added to this category and if they should be put in a gallery, I just check this link!