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Self-made with OpenOffice Drawing[edit]

Church numerals relating to other mathematical concepts
The commutative diagram, which defines a coherence condition required by morphisms of the original category, so that they can be morphism of the newly defined category of F-algebras
How shamanism and mythology relate
How shamanism and onomatopoeia relate
The architecture of a deduction system
Comparison among deduction systems

Montage images (with GIMP) made by other people[edit]

Shamanism is a very general (sometimes even debated) concept, comprising mediator-role figures of several different cultures, with great diversity. That is why this image is a tableau. It is created to be a lead image of Wikipedia's Shamanism article.
Bootstrapping: Richard Dawkins definitely claims the relatedness of the bootstrapping nature of genetic pathways in embryogenesis and the booting process of punched tape fed computers of the 1950s

Extended description of images not uploaded/montaged by me[edit]

Image of a postcard issued in Russian Empire, early 20th century. Its original texts says "Un chaman (sorcier) d'Alatai", it can be rendered as "A shaman (sorcerer) of Altai" in English. It can be seen also in museum of Tomsk. The ethnographer Hoppál identifies the shaman woman to be of Altai Kizhi or Khakas origin, admitting that it cannot be decided exactly from the image alone, which of the two.[1] The ethnographic photo itself, after which the postcards were issued, had been taken by ethnographer S. I. Borisov in 1908.[2]


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