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My preferred pic for speaker biographies, etc. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license, and you must mention that and credit the photographer, Lionel Allorge if you use it. (Large version, 1.21 MB)
An alternative picture, kindly placed in the public domain by Christoph Braun. No credit is required if you use this. (Large version, 14.87MB)
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I am Andy Mabbett. I live in Birmingham, England. Please see my primary user page on the English Wikipedia (which includes my declaration of interests); and my website:

Some statistical data about my images is available.


If you use my images outside Wikimedia projects, I request a credit, thus:

Picture by Andy Mabbett
In print
Picture by Andy Mabbett (

with the former linking to my website, with no rel="nofollow" attribute.

Failure to give attribution without prior agreement voids any CC-BY licence.

Web for all[edit]

I believe strongly in adherence to web standards, making web pages as accessible as possible, to everyone, and that it's important to communicate using the simplest language necessary, to convey ideas clearly.


I founded Wikipedia Project Microformats and have added microformats to Wikimedia Commons templates, and those on other Wikimedia projects.

I founded the Voice intro project, asking people who are the subject of a Wikipedia article to supply a short recoding of their spoken voice.

I work with organisations to encourage them to open licence their media. Among my notable successes have been:

Some favourites from my own images[edit]

My favourites from images I've acquired[edit]

I often ask people or organisations to contribute images, either individually, or in large batches. Some are artistic, some are historic, and some have news value.

Pro photogs[edit]

Some professional photographers, who kindly donate some of their work under an open licence:


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