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My name is Piotr Michał Jaworski.

Piom (PioM) was created from my names: Peter (Polish: Piotr) and Michael

I live in Poland, Poznań and work there as programmer.

Hobbies: aviation (helicopters), Linux, vector graphics, web design, programming (mobile platforms and other), old computers, bike riding, inline skating, scuba diving and others.

All my images, pictures, photos if not said are shared according GFDL license and are done by myself (if not, then I am mentioning that).

I'm generally more often accessible at wikipedia (PL), so please go there (there are English, Deutsch and polski languages' sections in my discussion page), choose one: PioM EN DE PL

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'''Place:''' POLAND/Poznań;<br> '''EN: If you want to use my graphic outside Wikipedia, and its resolution or license doesn't satisfy you, write to me: [[Image:PioM mailadd.png|100px]]. ''' <br><font color=green> '''PL: Jeżeli chcesz użyć mojej grafiki poza Wikipedią a jej rozdzielczość, bądź licencja nie odpowiadają tobie napisz do mnie: [[Image:PioM mailadd.png|100px]].</font> '''