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Please help find the high-resolution photo originals to the images from these old and magazine clippings for Commons (most of them are public domain). Please also check out my list of Soviet photographers here (and read the footnote about the copyright calculations). And more importantly, try to find the year of death (needed to calculate the year of copyright expiration) for these photographers. I do my best to find as many public domain historic photos as I can, but sadly my resources are highly limited and so far I have found only a tiny percent of what we need.

If you are an admin and have questions about Russian copyright law, or the status of a file, ask before you upload or make a ruling. But if I've nominated something for deletion, and you see my note about the lack of indication it was published early enough, please don't ignore it as "meh. Photo looks old. Gotta be public domain. After all, it was created long before the cut-off date." in cases where the issue at hand is when the photo was published (regardless of when it was made).

My main area of expertise here is Russian/CIS copyright law and the URAA. If you don't know much about either of those, I can help you calculate the copyright status of old photos for you. But don't upload an old Soviet photo without knowing if it was published early enough!

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Photos I need for Wiki[edit]

Some Russian archives like РГАКФД and ЦГАКФФД contain some photos that are public domain under Russian and American copyright law, yet still only low-quality previews are available. Unwatermarked and sufficient resolution versions can be purchased from the archive, but my attempts to buy unwatermarked photos have not been successful (since they don't accept Paypal and there have been some language barriers)

Better resolution needed[edit]


Old Newspapers and magazine I need[edit]

I am missing or need pages from these timespans. I have a few of the pages from these times, but not nearly enough.

  • Red Crimea (Къызыл Кърым) 1940–1944 (especially 1942-1944) need everything featuring people wilth Wikipedia articles like Amet-khan Sultan, Teyfuq Abdul, Abduraim Reshidov, Emir Chalbash, Ismail Bulatov, etc
  • Gazeta "Kommunist" (Saratov version) from May 1990 with the photo and article about Litvyak
  • Leningrad Prada February 1987 - the page with Romanenko and Laveykin
  • Legible scans of: Газета «Новгородская правда» № 68 (109) за 20 мая 1945 года, Газета «Цемент» №161 от 18 августа 1945 года, Газета «Коммунист» № 165 от 20 августа 1944 года
  • A scan of the "Герои Великой Отечественной войны" page from all 1941-1946 Журнал «Красноармеец» issues except №5 от 1945, №6 от 1945 & №11-12 от 1945 (since those were the only three I was able to get legible scans of).
  • 1930's newspaper (Moscow? Azerbaijani? Containing this 1936 photo of Zuleykha Seyidmammadova)
  • Gazeta Stalinsky Sokol 13 February 1945, March & May 1946
  • Журнал «Работница» 1941-1949
  • Журнал «Огонек» 1936-1938 годы
  • Газета «Известия» 31 октября 1940 года
  • Газета «Фронтовик» 1944-1945 (is there one with this photo of Nina Lobkovskaya? What's the date & issue?)
  • Pravda & Izvestiya, 1939 & 1940
  • Red Fleet (Красный флот) January-February and June-September 1945
  • Fotogazeta (Фотогазета/Fotolent) 1941–1945
  • Zvezda (Звезда [Пермь]) 1941–1945 ESPECIALLY February–May 1945 + August 1945
  • Stalinsky Pilot (Сталинский Пилот) 1940–1945
  • Frontovaya pravda (Фронтовая правда) 1940–1945
  • Kyzyl Armiya (Кызыл Армия)
  • Red Army (Красная Армия) 1941–1946
  • Krasnoarmeets (Красноармеец) 1939–1945
  • Защитник отечества
  • Voevaya Krymskaya 1941–1945
  • Red Tatarstan (Кызыл Татарстан) 1943–1945
  • Red Sokol (Красный сокол) 1941–1945
  • Stalinsky Put (Сталинский Путь) August 1948
  • Sovetskaya Rossiya (Советская Россия) 1940–1945
  • Sovetskaya Belorussiya (Советская Белоруссия) 1940–1945
  • Kazakhstanskaya pravda (Казахстанская правда) 1940–1945
  • Transcarpathian Ukraine (Закарпатская Украина) 1940–1945
  • Sovetskaya Kalmykia (Советская Калмыкия) 1940–1945
  • Sovetsky warrior (Советский воин) 1940–1945
  • Stalinskaya smena (Сталинская смена) 1940–1945
  • Transbaikal worker (Забайкальский рабочий) 1940–1945
  • Pravda Ukraine (Правда Украина) 1940–1945
  • Baltic Pilot (Лётчик Балтики) 1940–1945
  • Stalingrad Pravda (Сталинградская правда) 1941–1945
  • Serovsky worker (Серовский рабочий) 1940–1945
  • Gomel'skaya Prauda (Гомельская праўда) 1940–1945
  • Partisan Pravda (Партизанская правда)
  • Water Transport (Водный транспорт)
  • Путь Октября