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Pleonic, (born May, 1958) otherwise known as J A Carter, is a contributor to Wikimedia Commons and really every wiki-type thing, in addition to which he also has a life. He's been mucking around on the various Wikis for years but he really doesn't remember when he started.

Early Life[edit]

Pleonic was born in Indiana back when the world was new, and roved and rambled throughout this great land of ours in the days of his youth. He has stated that his early life was rather like Leave it to Beaver and involved him in several dangerous escapades that nevertheless ended well. He has been friends with several dogs.

After attending all the usual schools Pleonic moved to Sunny Southern California and obtained a liberal arts /theology degree. This naturally led him into careers in Mortgage Banking, Accounting, and later IT.

Current Life[edit]

Pleonic lives contentedly with his wife, children, and cats in Houston, Texas. At present he divides his time between work as a Database Developer and incessent writing compulsion on his odd little blog