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2006-01: deployed to the desert

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Greetings, I'm Phillip M. Stewart, and I think I've found a few photographs that are good enough for the Commons. These photos are mostly for enhancing Wikipedia articles.

I uploaded my first photograph here on 16 October, 2005: Image:Capulin Volcano path to crater floor.jpg

I mess around with the GIMP for editing bitmap graphics, and I would like to mess around with Inkscape for SVG creation.

All PNGs uploaded to the commons should be run through OptiPNG with -o7 so that they are as small as possible. I sometimes forget to do this.

I try to make sure each image I have contributed is in at least one gallery and in one category.

Several times I've seen photos I have posted to Flickr, but not thought to be useful in Wikipedia, show up in Wikipedia articles: Image:Lexus IS 250 Breakwater Blue Metallic.jpg for en:Lexus IS and Image:Roto-Rooter 2006.jpg for en:Roto-Rooter.

Cameras [edit]

Previously owned/used:


Major edits[edit]


Photos by me[edit]

  1. File:Square Books 2016-08-12 Faulkner.jpgSquare Books 2016
  2. File:Square Books 2016-08-12 photos and first editions.jpgSquare Books 2016
  3. File:Square Books 2016-08-12.jpgSquare Books 2016
  4. File:Square Books 2016-08-12 fiction and Faulkner.jpgSquare Books 2016
  5. File:Canon EOS M10 rear.jpgCanon EOS M10 2015-04-30
  6. File:Moto G 3rd gen.jpgMoto G (3rd generation) 2015-12-29
  7. File:DEN TOTEN DER 715 ID.JPG715th Infantry Division 2014-09-20
  8. File:Sonnenberg Gardens Blue Star Memorial By-Way.jpegSonnenberg Gardens and Mansion State Historic Park 2013-07-19
  9. File:Chromebook Pixel (WiFi) open.JPGChromebook Pixel 2013-07-01
  10. File:Black Forest Fire 2013-06-11 1508 animated.gif2013 Colorado wildfires 2013-06-11
  11. File:Black Forest Fire 11 June 5pm from USAFA.jpg2013 Colorado wildfires 2013-06-11
  12. File:KWHS TV in Chapel Hills Mall.jpgKWHS-LD
  13. File:Wells Fargo Center 2013-03.jpgWells Fargo Tower (Colorado Springs)
  14. File:10 MSG coin.jpg10th Mission Support Group
  15. File:1876th Comm Squadron guidon.jpg1876th Comm Sq
  16. File:Facebook Credits in Target.jpgFacebook Credits
  17. File:Paper Bird 2011.jpgPaper Bird 2011
  18. File:Huerfano Butte.jpgHuerfano Butte 2009-02-08
  19. File:Northpark Mall Center Court.jpgNorthpark Mall 2010-06-08
  20. File:Matheson, Colorado post office.jpgMatheson 2010-06-14
  21. File:Strawberry Patch Park 2009.jpgStrawberry Patch Park
  22. File:Aiken Canyon Preserve 2009-09-07.jpgAiken Canyon Preserve
  23. File:Johnson Mesa east 2006-07-18.jpgJohnson Mesa
  24. File:Johnson Mesa from Raton, NM.jpgJohnson Mesa
  25. Image:Magnolia grandiflora 2003.jpgMagnolia grandiflora
  26. Image:Roto-Rooter 2006.jpgRoto-Rooter
  27. Image:Barr Trail downward 2007.jpgBarr Trail 2007-07-06
  28. Image:Punkin Center, Colorado 2007.jpgPunkin Center 2007-06-21
  29. Image:Granada, Colorado 2007.jpgGranada 2007-06-21
  30. Image:Coolidge, Kansas 2007.jpgCoolidge 2007-06-21
  31. Image:Syracuse, Kansas 2007.jpgSyracuse 2007-06-21
  32. Image:Wild Horse, Colorado 2007.jpgWild Horse 2007-06-08
  33. Image:Chivington, Colorado 2007.jpgChivington 2007-06-08
  34. Image:Moscow, Kansas, 2007.jpgMoscow 2007-06-08
  35. Image:Elmwood, Oklahoma 2007.jpgElmwood 2007-06-08
  36. Image:Seiling, Oklahoma 2007.jpgSeiling 2007-06-08
  37. Image:Simmons Arboretum trail 2007.jpgSimmons Arboretum 2007-06-04
  38. Image:Rush, Colorado 2007.jpgRush 2007-05-11
  39. Image:South Fork, Colorado outskirts.jpgSouth Fork 2006-10-07
  40. Image:Chillicothe, Texas post office.jpgChillicothe 2006-08-08
  41. Image:Childress, Texas welcome sign.jpg — Welcome to Childress 2006-08-08
  42. Image:Hartley, Texas.jpgHartley 2006-08-08
  43. Image:User-Pmsyyz-2006-01-deployed.jpg — self portrait 2006-01-20
  44. Image:Sierra Grande volcano.jpgSierra Grande volcano in New Mexico 2005-05-16
  45. Image:2004-08 Capulin Volcano path to crater floor.jpgCapulin Volcano 2004-08
  46. Image:Capulin Volcano path to crater floor.jpgCapulin Volcano 2005-05-16
  47. File:BEV EPA range comparison 2020 model year USA.png Chart of EPA range in miles of 2020 model year automobiles for sales in the United States
Uploaded by others from my Flickr posts[edit]

They really should only be grabbing images that are immediately useful in an article.

  1. File:Black Forest fire, 3pm Tuesday.jpgBlack Forest Fire
  2. File:Incheon International Airport departures.jpgIncheon International Airport
  3. File:Blown capacitor on video card.jpgde:Capacitor Plague
  4. File:Wind farm from U.S. Route 287 in Colorado.jpgde:Baca County
  5. File:Pikes Peak from the COS airport.jpg — not used in any articles. Category:Colorado Springs Airport
  6. File:NWAairliner, KCOS.jpg — not used in any articles
  7. File:Lexus IS 250 Breakwater Blue Metallic2.jpg — not used in any articles
  8. File:Lexus IS 250 Breakwater Blue Metallic1.jpghr:Lexus IS
  9. File:Lexus-IS 250 Breakwater Blue Metallic.JPGen:Lexus IS (XE20), zh:凌志
  10. File:13th floor? I dont understand. (3938336628).jpg — not used in any articles

Others' works[edit]

  1. Image:SeaMonkey.pngSeaMonkey icon
  2. File:Echo Cliffs from air.jpgEcho Cliffs

PD USGov[edit]

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  5. File:USAFA wreath laying Dec. 2011.jpg
  6. File:USAFCENT CAOC.JPGAir and Space Operations Center
  7. File:Camp Arifjan storage from air.jpgCamp Arifjan
  8. File:19 EWXS 2011-12-13.jpg — 19 EWXS
  9. File:444 ECS 2010-07-21.JPG — 445 AEAS
  10. File:Al Asad A-10s taxi 2007-04-22.jpg438th Air Expeditionary Group
  11. File:FEMA-3320-EM, Mississippi Disaster Declaration.svg2011 Mississippi River floods
  12. File:320 AEW C-130 in 2003.jpg320 AEW
  13. File:Maj Troy Gilbert's Military Funeral.jpg
  14. File:ISS020-E-09048 Sarychev.jpgSarychev Volcano
  15. File:CMSgt James A. Roy.jpgJames A. Roy
  16. File:Air Force One photo op incident.jpgAir Force One photo op incident
  17. File:Air Force One photo op incident- altered by DoD.jpg
  18. File:Special Operations Command Korea.pngSOCKOR
  19. File:SOCKOR ballon jump 2009.jpg — SOCKOR
  20. File:Air Force Good Conduct Medal black bg.jpgAFGCM
  21. File:Armed Forces Service Medal.jpgAFSM
  22. Image:Cross section of Salmon Site.pngSalmon Site
  23. Image:ISS017-E-18075 Pueblo Chemical Depot.jpg
  24. Image:Sidi Toui National Park 1999-12-13 Landsat 7.jpg
  25. Image:XM982 Excalibur inert.jpgXM982 Excalibur
  26. Image:Burton M Field Balad.jpgBurton M. Field
  27. Image:2 SOPS Det 1 2007-04.jpg2 SOPS
  28. Image:E-9A Widget 2004-04-20.jpg
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  30. Image:93d Air Ground Operations Wing 2008 activation.jpg
  31. Image:Inland Niger Delta 2007.jpgNiger Inland Delta
  32. Image:Simushir ISS015-E-26171.jpgSimushir
  33. Image:MQ-1 Predator controls 2007-08-07.jpgMQ-1
  34. Image:64th Air Expeditionary Group 2007-07-07.jpg64 AEG
  35. Image:Upheaval Dome ISS015-E-5983 crop.jpgUpheaval Dome
  36. Image:Pararescue 2005-08-24.jpgPararescue
  37. Image:327th Aircraft Sustainment Wing personnel 2007-03-28.jpg
  38. Image:332 AEW Fallen Airman Memorial 2007-05-28.jpg332 AEW
  39. Image:Damaged homes near Texas-Louisiana border 2005-09-25.jpg
  40. Image:Shelby Auxiliary Field 1 2007-07-09 C-17 training.jpgCamp Shelby
  41. Image:Shelby Auxiliary Field 1 2007-07-09 with tank and C-17.jpg
  42. Image:ISS015-E-5481 Naval Air Station Patuxent River.jpg
  43. Image:Air Force Combat Action Medal set.jpgAFCAM
  44. Image:Five-year-old Evan Moriarty Make-A-Wish Foundation.jpg
  45. Image:Creech Air Force Base main gate.jpgCreech AFB
  46. Image:Tengiz-Korgalzhyn Lake System MODIS 250m.jpgLake Tengiz
  47. Image:TSgt Pattee meets daughter.jpgMilitary brat (U.S. subculture)
  48. Image:TSgt Goodman inspects newest member of family.jpg
  49. Image:Kennedy presents AFOUA to 363 TRW.jpg363d Training Group
  50. Image:YAL-1A Airborne Laser unstowed.jpgYAL-1 Airborne Laser
  51. Image:YAL-1A Airborne Laser takeoff 2007-03-15.jpgYAL-1 Airborne Laser
  52. Image:Air Force Combat Action Medal.pngAFCAM
  53. Image:Defense Distinguished Service Medal.pngDefense Distinguished Service Medal
  54. Image:Defense Superior Service Medal.pngDefense Superior Service Medal
  55. Image:First MQ-9 Reaper at Creech AFB 2007.jpgMQ-9 Reaper
  56. Image:First MQ-9 Reaper taxies at Creech AFB 2007.jpgMQ-9 Reaper
  57. Image:PIA08361 Ring World.pngSaturn
  58. Image:E9d USAF CMSAF.pngCMSAF insignia
  59. Image:NPOESS illustration 2006.jpgNPOESS
  60. Image:Lake Khanka Landsat 7 2001-09-25.jpgKhanka Lake
  61. Image:ScanEagle UAV catapult launcher 2005-04-16.jpgScanEagle
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  65. Image:USCENTCOM Area of Responsibility.pngCENTCOM AOR
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  68. Image:RQ-4 Global Hawk UAV-3 returns to US 2006-02-20.jpgRQ-4 Global Hawk
  69. Image:MQ-1 Predator controls 2006-11-05.jpgMQ-1 Predator
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  71. Image:Salar de Uyuni 2006-10-19 satellite 250m.jpgSalar de Uyuni
  72. Image:Maintaining the Global Hawk 2006-10-12.jpgRQ-4 Global Hawk
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  75. Image:Nukuoro ISS013-E-28610.jpgNukuoro atoll, FSM
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  77. Image:U-2 new cockpit 2006-06-20 F-8409K-001.jpgU-2S Dragon Lady
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  79. Image:U-2 pilot 2006-06-20 F-8409K-003.jpg — U-2S Dragon Lady
  80. Image:C-5 Galaxy 2006-06-06 F-9032T-002.jpgC-5 Galaxy at Balad AB
  81. Image:Sather Air Base sandbagging rec center 2006-06-07 F-4961B-001.jpgSather Air Base
  82. Image:Headquarters Air Force badge 2006-05-04 F-3050V-412.jpgHeadquarters Air Force badge
  83. Image:USAF PJs 2006-05-11 N-9500T-120.jpgUnited States Air Force Pararescue
  84. Image:C-17 2006-05-10 F-2559D-003.jpgC-17 Globemaster III
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  86. Image:USAF Security Forces 2006-04-19 F-2980D-004.jpgUnited States Air Force Security Forces
  87. Image:RQ-1 Predator in Iraq 2006-05-04 F-0000R-004.jpgRQ-1 Predator UAV in Iraq
  88. Image:Kaibab Plateau 2006-04-30 MODIS 250m.jpgKaibab Plateau
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  90. Image:MV TSgt John A. Chapman (AK-323) 2005-04-08 renaming.jpgMV TSgt John A. Chapman
  91. Image:Caspar Weinberger 2006-04-04 funeral N-0696M-380.jpgCaspar Weinberger
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  93. Image:C-5 Galaxy crash 2006-04-03 F-0859C-014.jpgC-5 Galaxy crash
  94. Image:C-5 Galaxy crash 2006-04-03 F-0859C-017.jpg
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  96. Image:USS Carl Vinson on patrol in the Pacific 2003-06-10.jpgUSS Carl Vinson
  97. Image:Dasht-e Lut Iran 2006-02-28 ISS012-E-18779.jpgDasht-e Lut
  98. Image:Iturralde Crater PIA03359 cropped.jpgIturralde Crater topo map
  99. Image:Beach Cleanup 060302-N-9246W-0061.jpgBiloxi beach cleanup
  100. Image:Kebira Crater.jpgKebira Crater
  101. Image:USAF 380 AEW new facilities 060214-F-0000J-001.jpg380 AEW TCA construction
  102. Image:KYK-13 Electronic Transfer Device.jpgKYK-13
  103. Image:2 SOPS space systems operator 040205-F-0000C-001.jpg2 SOPS space systems operator
  104. Image:USAF Desert Hawk launch.jpgDesert Hawk launch


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