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  • Olympus FE170,X760 (2007-2008; my first camera, it ended up broken)
  • Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ38 (2010-2014; versatile and reasonable quality camera, given to my ex; she gave it back to me in 2021 and I'm still occasionally using it in 2023)
  • Canon EOS 30D (2013; first DSLR, bought second-hand, a few things broken, sold shortly after buying)
  • Canon EOS 700D (Mar 2015 - Jan 2017; pretty good but I sold it, I was hiking and moving around a lot in that time and that thing was just too heavy to carry around)
  • Sony α6000 (since Jan 2017; great for travelling, quality vs weight is excellent, sold in January 2019 - I'm a big boy, I can carry Canon 6D)
  • Canon 6D (since May 2018; my first FF, great for my needs but more megapixels would be good)
  • Sony RX100 IV (since 2019; my favourite camera for going hiking - drowned in 2022 during storm in Port Hills)
  • Pixel 4 (since March 2023; I got a kid now which means two things: 1) no money for a new rx100 and 2) my full frame is way too heavy when I need to carry the kid)



  • Hoya 67mm Digital Slim CPL (Mar 2015 - Dec 2016; cracked at Mt Taranaki)
  • Tripod Hanimex Professional Tripod Model 3D (since June 2018; bought for 10 dollars in a charity shop in Canada; super heavy but it does what I need it to do)


  • GIMP (2010-2015; probably the best free Photoshop-like software you can get)
  • Adobe Lightroom (since 2016; best thing on the planet for editing photos)
  • Adobe Photoshop (since May 2018; I started to understand that even Lightroom has its limitations and for some specialized stuff Photoshop is invaluable)
  • PTGui (since July 2018; great for HQ panoramas)