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Pratyya Ghosh
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This is Pratyya Ghosh (pɹəʊˈtˈtɔɪ ɡhʊʃh) (Bengali: প্রত্যয় ঘোষ) (/prot̪t̪oe̯ ɡʱhoʃh/) (Loudspeaker.svg listen), a Wikipedian, trying to improve the encyclopedia the best. I am a Bangladeshi by born and currently living in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

There are certain things I did in these years as a Wikipedia. Also achieved certain milestones. You'll find all of these at the top. (Because of my lags or laziness it will always not be updated. But I'll try to keep them updated as much as possible)

Beside a Wikipedian, I have a small and nice life-circle in real life. I am a would-be Mathematics major. Hence am passionate about Mathematics. Apart from academics I am a sports lover. Especially love to watch and play Cricket. I love to watch movies and read books. Alongside I can do a bit debating (Don't worry, I am a peaceful human being). Passionate and have some knowledge in programming and can give orders to computers with in an amateur way.

Generally, I am not a very secretive person about my contact information. So I am giving some mediums to contact me beside Wikipedia. BUT I would expect that you would contact me through talk-page or E-Mail regarding Wikipedia related issues.
Twitter: @Pratyya10
LinkedIn: Pratyya Ghosh
Facebook: Pratyya Ghosh
Instagram: Pratyya Ghosh

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