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I am a retired Professor of Business Economics from Mumbai, India. My interests are:

Thiksey Monastery India
  • Research

My research interests include

  • Vajrayana Buddhism
  • documenting Vajrayana Buddhist Iconography
  • Study and photo-documenting paintings on Himalayan Buddhist Monasteries, and
  • Creating resources for Buddhist research

I have a large collection of very old e-books for Buddhist research on iconography and architecture.

Himalayan Monasteries Commons:Sandbox

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1. Ranga Sai CVS  ‘Buddhist Art and Iconography: Array of themes in Thangkas’

‘Trends in research in for the welfare of Humanity, National Level Conference, 5 Jan 2013, Vaze College, Mumbai, India

2. Ranga Sai CVS ' Buddhist Motifs in Tibetan Thangkas' ,Research Dimensions (ISSN0976-8564), Vol 2, Issue IV April 2012

Monograph on Sri Lankan Buddhist Art, architecture, monuments and iconography. By CVS Ranga Sai

3. Monograph on Sri Lankan Buddhist Art, architecture, monuments and iconography. By CVS Ranga Sai

This is an unpublished monograph on Sri Lankan Buddhist Art, architecture, monuments and iconography. The topics being diverse, the Monograph highlights select aspects of art, architecture, monuments and iconography.

It is a tea table book. Good to browse through various aspects of Sri Lankan Buddhism in pictures. For further reading references are provided at the end.

4. Ranga Sai CVS 'Quality of Working Life- An Analytical Model' Conference Paper on Organizational Behaviour (2000)

5. Ranga Sai CVS 'Holistic Approach for Corporate productivity' Conference paper at International Conference of Health Sciences and Alternative medicines 1,2 Dec 2002, Kolkata

WikiProject India


I wish to associate my self with WikiProject India

I have a large repositor of Photo resources on Buddhist Murals, monasteries and Vajrayana Pantheon.

Photo Gallery

Sangye- Akshobya Mandala


Chakrasamvara Mandala
Chenrezig - Avalokiteshwara Mandala
Opakme- Amitabha Mandala
Hayagriva Mandala
Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Chart
Meru _Buddhist Universe
Turtle divination chart, painting at Punakha Dzong Monastery, Bhutan
Nako Monastery Frescos

Wrathful Deities

Heruka Buddhist Painting
Dorje Legpa a wrathful deity
Rahula - the Wrathful deity
Wrathful deities of protection
Seng dongma: Vajrayana Dakini
11 Century painting of Vajradhara, a form of Buddha in Vajrayana sect of Buddhism with Wrathful protective deities and Guru lineage. At Poo Gompha, India
Virupaksha- Guardian deity of West
Dhritarashtra deity of East
Vaishravana Guardian of North
Virudhka Deity of South
Citipati- Dancing skeletons - guardians of charnel grounds
Dorje Drolo : wrathful emanation of Padmasambhava
Nagpo Champo with Consort
Vajrapani at Tamzhing Lakhang Bhutan
Heruka family with Phramenma Dakinis, the wrathful deities  


Wheel of life - painting on Buddhist Monastery
Maitreya Buddha

Padmasambhava and retinues
Guru Rinpoche

Buddha and disciples- 16 cen painting at Takthog Gompha
Maitrya Buddha at Matho Monastery
Kunzang_ Gyalwa_Dupa - Bon Deity
Statue of Amitabha Buddha at Sang Monastery
Guru Rinpoche Statue at Samdruptse Monastery India
Tsongkhapa with disciples and protective deities
GShan-rab founder of Bon religion

Statue of Maitreya Buddha at Sang Monastery