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Daniel(right) and his buddy Bill at Dearborn, MI's Biergarten

Daniel Wilson AKA Punkrockdaniel (b. September 5, 1991) is a student attending Eastern Michigan University with a major in History and an undesired minor in Geography. He also acts as a double threat with working (part-time mind you) at McDonald's . He (I) has an outspoken hatred for his job and is guilty on many accounts of refusing to use discretion while performing his occupational activities. The primary use of this Wikipedia page is to carry out the task of completing a rather important assignment for his college course, English 121: Researching the Public Experience.


Born in the intensive year of 1991, Daniel has encountered many of the world's greatest events, however has been more or less indifferent towards most of them. I will end the 3rd person here, it's getting rather annoying. I have made my residences throughout the metro Detroit area, including: Canton, Taylor, Dearborn Heights, Wayne, and a recent move to Westland. At 18 years of age, I have familiarized myself with all of the privileges of an adult my age. This is just a seemingly unnecessary segway into revealing that I've had four vehicles starting with a 1990 Ford Escort 4 door (sold it for scrap), a 1996 Ford Escort (stolen), a 1997 Buick Skylark (cracked cylinder head) and now a new 1998 Ford Escort Sport ZX2, a fine running automobile at this point.

Musical History[edit]

From the time I was 11 years of age, I have been able to use musical instruments in order to create beautiful sonatas and master pieces (especially with a trombone). First intrigued by the brass section in 6th grade at Franklin Middle School in Wayne, MI, I have been musically inclined for about 7 years. My alternative instrument now is (contrary to the bass clef) a six string Ibanez RG series which does it's job quite well. Also, I will admit that I have recently dabbled in the acoustic department, which I have enjoyed extensively.


Currently, I am doing quite average while attending EMU; Coasting along with a B/B+ average is acceptable on my own personal terms. I am endeavoring all of my classes (a whopping 15 credit hours) with relative simplicity and understanding, although philosophy 215 is a whole different story. I have no plans on becoming involved with the many extracurricular activities that Eastern has to offer. I feel like I should have some sort of pride in my school in order to actually utilize these with any type of efficiency.

Punk Rock[edit]

The overwhelming force of music takes a large role in my everyday life. If there is a point where there is not music playing (enjoyable music, that is) in my surroundings, the place feels incomplete. Unfortunately, working does not permit me to listen to great music (or have longer than average hair for that matter, either). I have discovered a long time ago that having a job intrudes on my ability to enjoy life to the fullest. It's quite the paradox: the job allows me income and a method of supporting myself which I enjoy, but I cannot enjoy anything while working. Please excuse the digression...

The music that has been said to be given to us by the Ramones, Sex Pistols, and Velvet Underground (the founder is not important) is a huge aspect in the music that I indulge in. The new age punk rock is exactly where it's at. Bands that have been conceived in places such as Philadelphia, New York, and of course Detroit play the primary catalyst agents in my enjoyment but there are many others as well.


This place is a warehouse that creates mainly two products: Broken Dreams and Shattered Hopes, two components which apparently are big sellers. At the moment, I have no choice of alternate employment (either due to the reluctance of employers to hire me or my own lack of motivation to actually find a new job). Despite all of the crap that is thrown my way, I do what I can to counter it. Some of my counter strikes have included shouting profanities while small children are in the restaurant, unsanitary practices, whitty and offensive conversation with coworkers, slander of the product (eating McDonald's causes INFERTILITY), and more of the like.