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The categories which state with which software an image was made are currently a mess. Meta-Categories for images are Category:Images by software used (biggest category), Category:CAD drawings by software (subcat of Category:Images by software used) Category:SVG graphics by software used (subcat of Category:Images by software used), Category:3D computer graphics by software (subcat of Category:Images by software used), with subcat Category:3D drawings by software used (where is the difference?!) Category:Fractals by generator program and Category:Diagrams created with. A root category for this topic is missing.

The categories for the single softwares which where used are not all named in the same way. The majority of categories is named "Category:Created with ...", others are named like "Category:Made with ..." some have only the name of the software (which can lead to confusion because of the normally seperate software categories.

I propose to rename all software categories to the "Category:Created with ..." sheme. Because most softwares have their own template only the template and the pages, which do not use the template need to be changed. Here the template should be inserted.

Categories to be renamed[edit]

Category:SVG graphics by software used subcategories[edit]

Category:Images by software used subcategories[edit]

Category:Fractals by generator program subcategories[edit]

Category:CAD drawings by software subcategories[edit]