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Contributions to Wikimedia Commons is an initiative of the Queensland Museum (Strategic Learning) team which began in September 2009 following the GLAM/WIKI conference in Canberra. The first trial uploads were of high resolution black and white plate glass negative photographs (taken by A.E (Bert) Roberts) in the early 20th Century in partnership with the Australian Wikimedia community. The longer term intention is to enable access to more of the museum’s extensive collections.

Additional colour photographs of selected collection objects have been added for students and teachers to use or repurpose which relate to specific on-line museum learning resources which can be accessed from this link

Photographs and descriptions of Papua New Guinea, Italian and Chinese cultural objects donated to Wikimedia for example support classroom activities which relate to the "Celebration of Culture" interactive game

QM collection photographs made to date are categorised as 'Queensland Museum' and 'Queensland Museum (Collections)'. The wider community is welcome to use these photographs as well as teachers, students and educational institutions.

General information about the Queensland Museum (QM) can be read on Wikipedia.