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  • [[w:Henry VIII of England|Henry VIII]]
  • [[w:Edward VI of England|Edward VI]]
  • [[w:Elizabeth I of England|Elizabeth I]]

  • {{nowrap| × cm}}
  • {{nowrap|''c.'' –}}
  • {{nowrap|(''c.'' –)}}

  • |[[ |100px]] |''Portrait of ''<ref> ; .</ref> |{{nowrap|''c.'' 15–}} |Black and coloured chalks, pen and ink on paper |{{nowrap| × cm}} |[[]], |-

  • ''''' '''''. Pen and ink and brush, grey wash, {{nowrap| × cm}}, [[w:Kunstmuseum Basel|Kunstmuseum Basel]].
  • [[Hans Holbein the Younger]]
  • {{Creator:Hans Holbein d. J.}}
  • Black and coloured chalks, pen and ink on pink-primed paper, {{nowrap| × cm}}, [[w:Royal Collection|Royal Collection]], Windsor Castle.
  • [ Royal Collection]

  • [[|80px]][|80px]][|80px]][|80px]]

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