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Salut !

I'm a part time photographer. My photographs can be found everywhere on the net, and I have had the pleasure to see my photos ending up to be Alizée's profile photos on her Facebook account. Also Sony Music Entertainment has been using my photos on their news article about Alizée, as well as various French music websites (for example ChartsInFrance). Also these days my photo is featured, as the profile photo of Alizée, on the official website of Les Enfoirés. In México, especially during the "Alizée boom of 2008" the photos could be found on several magazines. In France I have had the honour to find my photos on several publications, even full page prints. The most recent conquer was Switzerland where my photos were published on nation wide magazine.

I'm also crazy about French music and especially a long time Alizée fan (since summer 2002). Alizée has been my great passion always since the beginning when I found her. Her music inspires me. I have seen her in concert in France, Russia and Mexico more than thirty times. I have also been in live audience during recordings of TV and radio shows, where she appeared. And of course, met her about dozen times face to face. I have been interviewed for French TV, radio and various magazines. I have run one of the most well known Alizée websites since 2004, called Alizée Art (originally called Alizée Wallpapers & Graphics by RMJ), which originally was just a place for my own creations but has since widened it's coverage. As well I run Alizée Central, the place for Mexican fans to gather.

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Alizée Art

A Tribute to Natasha St-Pier

Here are some of my photos donated for Wikipedia :


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