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If you use or share my photos elsewhere, please include an attribution to me, per the requirements of the Creative Commons license (which you can see here). "R Prazeres" or "R. Prazeres" is sufficient, or my full name if you know it.

Note: I don't check notifications on Commons as often as elsewhere, if you need to get my attention, it's a good idea to ping me.

Brief description[edit]

(formerly Casual Builder)
Contributor of photos for historic monuments in Cairo, Morocco, Turkey, and elsewhere. I also edit tags and descriptions whenever I come across mistakes or possible improvements. From both traveling and reading, I'm quite familiar with historic Cairo, Turkey, Morocco, and Spain.

I have a significant cache of photos of historic monuments all over Morocco, Spain (minus a lot of the north), Turkey (including southeastern Turkey/Kurdistan), and especially Istanbul and Cairo. If you happen to know some monuments in these areas that need pictures in the Commons, let me know and I might be able to provide.

Contributor on Wikipedia for similar subjects (see: R Prazeres.)

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(I'm playing around with adding pictures and galleries to my user page.)