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I have been a sysop on commons: from the 29th of August 2005 [1], and Oversight on Commons since the 5th of January 2009 [2].

There is a small page to explain how to use my images. Nevertheless, do not hesitate to contact me should you have any question.


You can contact me through my talk page (add a new discussion) or write me an e-mail. I will usually answer within 24 hours.

I might also be available on IRC on the #wikimedia-commons webchat and #wikipedia-fr webchat channels (Freenode network).

Points to consider[edit]

Archives and personal archives[edit]

Through photography, [seminarian Stanislas Hutin] attempts to constitute a third group where he would not be alone: those who have seen. With handy and lightweight cameras, conscripted soldiers take numerous photographs of their activities in Algeria. (...) In addition to these photographs that were meant as proofs, how many are still lying in French attics with other war souvenirs of the veterans of the Algeria War?

La torture et l'armée pendant la guerre d'Algérie, Raphaëlle Branche, Gallimard.

Many valuable documents are probably sitting in attics. We should ask elderly people to review their personal archives and consider publishing them under Free licences.

Orphan works[edit]

Orphan works are not in the public domain. Prosecution can happen.
Corollary: images whose author is unknown are not anonymous, and most certainly not in the public domain 70 years after publication.


Scientific papers[edit]


Microscopes · People

I have contributed 12 Featured pictures, 344 Quality Images and 21 Valued pictures as photographs. I also draw and I am competent with SVG graphics.

I am interested in portrait photography, and have thus documented several Nobel laureates and other notable figures (see User:Rama/people). I do a fair amount of technical photography in museums, sometimes with accreditation obtained directly, through Wikimédia France or through Wikimedia CH.

Associative activities[edit]

I take part in activities supported and organised by Wikimédia France and Wikimedia CH. I occasionally lend professional photographic equipment to fellow Wikipedians, and benefit from press accreditations and specialised equipment procured notably by Wikimedia CH.

I notably organised or was involved in the following events (for instance):

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