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Files should be tagged so that journalists do not fail to mention authors and licences.

Writing comments

exiftool -comment="This image can be used free of charge, modified or unmodified, for any purpose including commercial use, provided that the author and licence are mentionned, and that any derivative work be licenced under the same licences (Derivative works will thus also mention the name of original author and licence). If these terms do not suit you, you can contact the author at ramaneko AT gmail DOT com for a non-exclusive proprietary licence to be arranged for a fee." -license="This file is provided under the CC-by-sa-2.0-fr and the CeCILL licences. You can choose the licence of your convenience. See 'comment' for more information." -author=Rama -artist=Rama -copyright="Rama. Media released under the terms of the and CeCILL licences" -contact="ramaneko AT gmail DOT com" -source="Wikimedia Commons," -overwrite_original -description=""

Erasing comments

exiftool -all= -overwrite_original

Exiftool -blablabla myfile.jpg