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Ivan Gubanov[edit]

the Basic work[edit]

РБК.Исследования рынков


Travel on tropicheskim, studying of the underwater world in tropical and субтропических widths, marketing.


Photo, music, books, снорклинг.

recently finished projects[edit]

Article in Vikipedii about the Internet project RBC.Market research.

Planned works[edit]

Writing of the new articles connected with Sejshelskim and addition of the new information to already existing articles about Сейшелы.

the Visited countries[edit]

- The country Year of visiting Cities - Ukraine 2006, 2008 Kharkov, Feodosiya, Kerch, Sevastopol, Yalta, Simferopol - Belarus 2005 Minsk, Брест - Poland 2005 Warsaw - Germany 2005 Berlin, Hamburg - Denmark 2005 Copenhagen, Horsens, Arhus - France 2005 Paris - Turkey 1993, 1995, 2008 Antalya, Alanija - Respublika Maldives 2008 Male - Spain 2007, 2008 Madrid, Barcelona, Toledo