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Raquel Baranow, 2010

Of evils current upon earth, the worst is money — Sophocles[edit]

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The Mouth of Truth: legend says it will bite off the hand of liars
Population projections, United States and European Union
U.S. population by immigration scenario, 1900 - 2060
Foreign-Born United States 1850 - 2060
Percentage US foreign-born by immigration scenario, 1850 - 2060
Non Hispanic whites may no longer make up a majority of the U.S. population by 2044
Projected U.S. Population by Immigration Scenario 2016 to 2060
Racial and ethnic composition of the U.S. 1970 - 2050
Racial and ethnic composition of children in the U.S. 2016 - 2060
European Union population projections by migration scenario
European Union population projections by fertility scenario
Life we’re living is not sustainable
World population tripled in my lifetime, quadrupled in mom’s
Climate change pollution; Methane ~1925ppb in 2022
Save the planet: Reduce fossil fuels and CO2 (my upload)
And create renewable energy: too little, too late?! (my upload)
The futility of transitioning to renewables: 84.3% of global energy comes from fossil fuels, in 2000 it was 86.1% (my upload)
Stop eating beef/ meat: Save the planet, wild animals & yourself
Agriculture consumes 50% of the habitable land on this planet; 77% of agricultural land is consumed by livestock and crops to feed them; not consuming meat or dairy saves land for wild animals and reduces a significant amount of greenhouse gas; plus, a plant-based diet is healthier.
THEIR NEW JERUSALEM: The Jewish population of New York last February was from 225,000 to 250,000, and this total will be increased by immigration during the rest of the last year by from 45,000 to 50,000. Instead of returning to the holy land to build up Jerusalem and to restore the glories of their race, the chosen people are coming to the metropolis of the new world. Of the twelve hundred wholesale firms occupying the buildings on Broadway from Canal street to Union square, it is estimated that one thousand are Jews. The aggregate of capital controlled by 2,018 Jewish merchants in New York is estimated at $207,388,000. Their holdings of real estate in the town are estimated at from $150,000,000 to $200,000,000. Judge magazine, 1892

Immigration act of 1924: The law sharply curtailed emigration from those countries that were previously host to the vast majority of the Jews in the United States, almost 75% of whom emigrated from Russia alone. Because Eastern European immigration did not become substantial until the late 19th century, the law's use of the population of the United States in 1890 as the basis for calculating quotas effectively made mass migration from Eastern Europe, where the vast majority of the Jewish diaspora lived at the time, impossible.
Lucky to be alive! 3 June 2017 I injured myself hiking. Not sure how it happened, all I remember was heaving a heavy rock, slipping and then falling backwards into the deep water. As I fell I could see the injury on my shin and said to myself, "you're okay Raquel". Wrist was also injured, still (four months after) there’s a hematoma on my cheekbone. Was treating the wound with Neosporin but later a wound specialist gave me medicinal honey made with special pollen from New Zealand. The same doctor who stitched me up misdiagnosed skin infection (Cellulitis, note the purple marker on my leg in one of the photos) and gave me nasty antibiotics (Clindamycin), which made me feel sick. Had to hike a mile to the car in 103-degree weather, soaked my dress in the water, got to the car, ate an Ativan and drove to the hospital. Doctor asked if anything hurt, I said "no." Endorphins are powerful painkillers, I kept telling the nurses, "I'm lucky to be alive"! Took about 5 weeks to heal. Canyon is where I heaved the rock and slipped, over on the left, slightly out of the picture. It was the last pic I took that day.
Stingray wound healing over ten weeks, no antibiotics. The scab fell off a week later. It happened on Black’s Beach, San Diego, California; probably a Round stingray, (Urobatis halleri). I was car-camping (2005 Kia Sedona EX), treating the wound with witch hazel, petroleum jelly and paper towels until I got home a week later. A huge blister formed above the wound. I’d like to post this picture on the en:Stingray injury article. I made the graphic with the Freeform app on an iPad 6; photos from an iPhone 7.
Technique and operation of the Zyklon B gas chambers
Zyklon B delousing chamber to help prevent epidemic typhus, which killed 2-3 million during WWI and Russian Civil War and hundreds of thousands in WWII[1][2]
Hole, gas chamber roof, Majdanek, Poland
Auschwitz gas chamber with roof holes; corpses were lifted to the crematoria by a hoist that looks like a swingset;[3] 1.1 million people were murdered at Auschwitz
In the delousing chamber, Zyklon B can (5) is opened with a crank (3) / can opener (4) in an air-tight chamber (filled with clothing), the contents of the can spill out onto a tray (6), is heated (9), a blower (2) circulates the gas, which is eventually expelled out a chimney (C); in the homicidal gas chambers, Zyklon B is poured through holes in the roof. There was a phony gas chamber atrocity propaganda hoax on Wikipedia for 15 years!

1. Patterson KD (1993). "Typhus and its control in Russia, 1870–1940". Med Hist 37 (4): 361–381 [378]. DOI:10.1017/s0025727300058725. PMID 8246643. PMC: 1036775. 2. Zinsser, Hans (1996) Rats, Lice and History: A Chronicle of Pestilence and Plagues, Category:New York: Black Dog & Leventhal ISBN: 978-1-884822-47-6. 3. A Virtual Tour of Auschwitz/Birkenau, archive, Alan & Krysia Jacobs


Made these files for the articles Zyklon B, epidemic typhus and gas chamber; I found the delousing chamber diagram and cropped the Auschwitz Museum diorama picture of the homicidal gas chamber.

My Poems[edit]

STOP LOOK AROUND HERE IT COMES — 19th Nervous Breakdown

First they came for the Nazis...
How about Zionists next?
Did God really give them that land or the United Nations,
are Palestinians in concentration camps?
Is criticism of Israel antisemetic.
Where do these WP:THOUGHTCRIME end?
If “racists” and Nazis don’t use reliable sources or follow policy, they get banned.
Why are there Laws against Holocaust denial, what are they afraid of?
Why don’t we block Trump supporters?
We should be skeptical and open minded not WP:BIGOT!
Raquel Baranow, 6 October 2020; Posted to Jimbo’s Talk, blocked.