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I used to make maps. I made a lot of them, actually. It was during a time that I had an enormous amount of time to dedicate to being behind the keyboard and doing the research involved to find sources for 2nd, 3rd, and even 4th or 5th-level administrative subdivisions.

Sadly, my time is more precious now and I no longer attempt to the mapping. If you find a map that is incorrect, feel free to use it to update and replace with a more current or corrected version.

Enjoy your hobbies and live life. It is a short journey we partake.

It seems there are bullies who like to go around and complain about other people's maps - works of art - and have them removed. This give them some kind of semblance of meaning in the world. They go about their lives feeling proud of having done something like this. Let's pause for a moment and give them a round of silent applause.

Message from Sci show with moh: I made a list of brunei villages but it got deleted by someone. Even though it was wanted for many years, I hope this never happens to anyone of you