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Raulbot is a unix command line script written by Raul654 for the purpose of uploading large numbers of files automatically. Results are manually piped to w:en:wikipedia:sound/list


  • 4/9/2005 - Old bash script died when Eloquence changed the upload page. Avar rewrote it in Perl and renamed it Platypus. I have a bash script that runs on top of it to make it recursive.
  • 2/12/2005 - The script is now finished and under development testing. It works, but imperfectly.
  • 2/9/2005 - script incomplete. It does not yet do batch jobs or name validation.

Special thanks to:

  • Mark Sweep - without his initial advice, Raul would never have found the data sources that led him to write the script
  • Kate - for helping to set up the initial cURL settings
  • Nickj - for debugging the cURL options and getting it to upload correctly
  • Os - *BIG* thanks to Matt for writing the directory uploader and the name validator.
  • Dysprosia - Wrote Perl code to alphabetize the table.