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This is the page of Ravi Vaidyanathan from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India I work in a financial institution in the Marketing Support and MIS functions


Trekking & Rock Climbing[edit]

Trekking in the Sahyadri, also called the Western Ghats, one of the biodiversity hotspots of the world. Been trekking in and around India for the last 15 years and also in the Himalaya. Has done a bit on the Rock Climbing front too.. but not anymore..


My birding stint started in earnest in 2003 when a few trekkers also interested in birding got together and started our birding stints. Have been birding in and around Mumbai, viz. Vashi, Airol, Uran, Karnala, Phansad, Mithbunder, Kankeshwar, etc. etc.


Butterflies go along where birding ends and they are done simultaneously. The butterfly variations and distribution in Maharashtra is varied and it has been a pleasure photographing them and identifying them and help in updating their status / photographs on wiki.


My photography stint started with my trekking sessions, when i picked up my first camera around 16 years ago and I have come a long way from there, now handling my Nikon D50 digital camera along with the assortment of lenses, not to say the handy Olympus C-750 which never fails me when there is something quick to catch.

Reading, Writing Travelogue[edit]

The reading habit, developed early in childhood still lingers and I keep up the habit. This has not only helped me a bit in my work but also in my hobbies. I do write a bit of travelogues on the places I have been impressed with and I have been a bit lazy in the recent past, with no new blogs online..

My Writeups[edit]

Some of my blogs can be found here :

<birding trips>, <animal census>, <trekking>

Photo Galleries[edit]

Some of the photographs taken during my treks, birding and butterfly photography trips can be see here :

<picasa web album> <picasa web album>

What am I doing here[edit]

Taken up the task of updating the wiki on the butterflies of the Western Ghats and also the Birds of the Indian Peninsula with pictures of the birds that I have been photographing during my stints of birding of butterflying....


You can catch me online on gmail on id or on yahoo msgr on id

Languages Known[edit]

Languages fluent in are English, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil