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Reaper X
This is my Commons user page. If you wish to contact me, leave a message on my Wikipedia talk page.

Reaper_X is just...a username. I've used it for a few years now since I started using the internet, just a handle I've stuck to. Besides that, I'm just a Canadian teenager. I attend Arthur Voaden Secondary School in St. Thomas, Ontario, of which I am a member of the Student's Council.

I am a Wikipedian at heart. Although most of my early editing doesn't reflect it, I have come to recognize that Wikipedia strives for the use of free images in it's articles. Most of my editing currently involves Canadian content, especially artists of the rock/alternative rock music genres, and so appropriately, alot of my uploads are band photos from Flickr. But of course, I feel it necessary and beneficial to share my own pictures as well.

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