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Hi. I maintain only one userpage, and that page is on the English Wikipedia, my primary account. See you there!

What I mostly do, as an administrator

  • Attending to CSDs and other maintenance-related deletions
  • Attending to protection and unprotection requests
  • Attending to history merging or splitting requests.
  • Help make Commons a better place, both technically and socially.
  • I also accept uncontroversial "private" request via talkpage or email.

Random info

  • As a Commons's user, I upload files I created to Category:Files by User:Rehman. This category doesn't include my uploads of work of others.
  • I am an active global editor; if I don't appear to be active here, that doesn't mean that I won't respond to your messages.
  • My primary userpage is here. Notices of wikibreaks, etc, will be there, and there alone.
  • I am human, and will make mistakes. If I made a mistake, and did not correct, please let me know.